Hunter Aspect 5 Eco Wood-Burning and Multi-Fuel Stove

The beautiful Hunter Aspect 5 Eco wood-burning and multi-fuel stove can be compared to a large screen fire-picture that creates the perfect atmosphere while keeping you warm and cosy even on the coldest winter nights. It is easy to understand why this is the best-selling Hunter stove because the large window in this attractive stove gives you a fantastic view of the hypnotic flames in the massive firebox and boasts the most advanced technology. Shortlisted in the best heating category of the House Beautiful Awards, the Aspect 5 adds to the sophistication of your home.

To give you maximum flexibility as to where you can install the Aspect 5, you can choose between standard, compact or slimline sizes, with the option of either rear or top flue outlet.

Built in Britain, to British clean-air standards, the Aspect 5 is Ecodesign, DEFRA and CE approved and exceeds all the clean-air requirements anywhere in the UK. Its advanced Tripleburn® clean-air technology achieves a powerful heat output, easily controlled between 4kW and 7kW, with fantastic fuel-burning efficiency and excellent heat control.

Tripleburn technology maximises combustion by using three separate, but interlinked streams of air. The primary air stream is controlled by sliders in the door. It provides an air draft to the firebed beneath the fuel to ignite the fuel and feed the flames. The secondary air stream, known as air-wash, is controlled by a slider above the door for secondary combustion. The jet of hot air is forced down the inside of the window above the fuel, increasing the combustion temperature and keeping the glass clean and free of soot or carbon deposits. The tertiary air stream aids the secondary combustion at the heart of the fire and reduces emissions into the chimney and air outside. The tertiary air stream is controlled by adjusting the cover plate on the back of the stove. The effect of the Tripleburn technology is that you use less fuel to generate maximum heat and because all the unburnt gases are re-ignited in the secondary combustion process, the Aspect 5 has an impressive CO emission of only 0.1%.

The Aspect 5 comes with a multi-fuel grate option for burning seasoned wood or smokeless solid fuel. When the grate is in the closed position it creates a flat base allowing a deep bed of ash, which is the optimum condition for efficiently burning wood. By changing the grate to the open position with a single turn of the handle, the air is directed under the grate for efficient burning of solid fuels such as wood pellets and smokeless mineral fuels.

The Aspect 5 is easy to start, easy to feed more fuel and easy to clean. It is recommended that the ash is removed after each use and that once a year the stove is stripped and cleaned thoroughly, vacuuming out all the chambers and air passages. It is advisable to have your chimney and flue cleaned by professionals.