Refurbish your old stove – ESSE ANTIQUE

Project Summary



  • Vitreous Flue Pipe with Flexible Liner


After purchasing the property the client found an old antique stove.
We were asked if we could bring it back to life by doing a full refurbishment.
The stove was completely stripped down and a full refurbishment was done.
By luck the manufacturer Esse, managed to find a couple of original parts in the back of their warehouse.
The rest of the parts had to be made bespoke.

The result was that a true antique could be brought back to life and reinstalled in the property for the owners to enjoy…

Service & Maintenance

Firehouse are able to supply parts for a wide range of stove parts, servicing and refurbishing old stoves, whether this is replacing external or internal components, upgrading an aged flue system, improving draw and removing unwanted drafts by sealing doors with fire rope, as well as coating the stove in new heat proof paint.

Should you be interested in restoring an old stove to former glory, please, send us an enquiry and we will be only to happy to do our best to help and advise.