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Classic Cedar Wood

Northern Lights Cedar Saunas – in a class of their own

Step outside and enjoy the benefits of your beautifully crafted Red Cedar sauna. How to unwind better after a busy day? Simply slow down your pace, sweat it out and let tension fade. Feel the naturally fresh air on your skin between sessions. It’s your exclusive sanctuary.

Becoming ever more popular for relaxation therapy and better health, Saunas have actually been used for thousands of years. It is not surprising that the only Finnish word in the English language is “Sauna” where owning one is a top priority. With a population of just over 5 ½ million, Finland boasts an estimated 2 million saunas, built into just about every house! Apparently, there are more saunas than cars in Finland! Recognising the therapeutic value for relaxation and cardiovascular health of saunas, their popularity has spread to the rest of Europe and eventually the whole world, after the Second World War.

Firehouse has distinguished itself as a UK distributor for Northern Lights, the finest manufacturers of cedar wood saunas and hot tubs. As a world leading brand Northern Lights Cedar Saunas have been popular among architects and designer as well as homeowners, spas and world-class resorts. It is the commitment to quality as well as our ongoing support both before and after every order that has led to this success.

Unwind and Revive

Your Perfect Garden Sanctuary

Winter or summer, you can enjoy all the health and recreational benefits of your beautifully crafted sauna outdoors. Whether in an enclosed backyard, sculpted into your landscaping, on a roof terrace, your sauna will be the perfect focal point of a well-designed garden and for outdoor entertainment.

The barrel design means no additional roofing is required. The durability of Western Red Cedar wood will give you peace of mind that the sauna will withstand the elements for a very long time.

Before you install your sauna, carefully plan the exact setting and layout, not just the footprint of the sauna. This becomes particularly important to use your sauna in the winter months or colder nights in summer.

You may want to add a deck, a patio, lounging area, restroom, or showers to fully optimise the enjoyment of your sauna. A Western Red Cedar Wood hot tub is, of course, the ideal companion for your sauna!

Also carefully consider access to the power source and the location of light fixtures, switches and power outlets. Install the power lines before you build the sauna. The experts at Firehouse are standing by with professional advice.

Western Red Cedar Wood Saunas

Northern Lights Saunas are designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment. The diameter of our outside saunas is more than 210 cm and comes in two different sizes, with seating for either six or eight people. The six-seater has benches of 195 cm long and the eight-seater benches are 225 cm long.

Superior Comfort & Design

The unique shape of our saunas and the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar blend faultlessly with any architectural design, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer a rustic atmosphere, traditional appeal, or highly contemporary look, your Northern Lights Sauna will be a perfect match to distinguish your garden or home from the ordinary.

The barrel shape is, however, not only a remarkable design feature, but it is also highly functional. There are no corners where heat can be trapped. The round shape optimises the flow of heated air and heat-vapour distribution inside the sauna. The result is that it heats up quickly, and no matter where you sit in the sauna, you have the best possible seat in the house!

The thermal qualities of the wood, insulation of the sauna and impeccable craftsmanship combine perfectly to efficiently retain the heat and easily control the temperature inside the sauna.

The natural aroma and distinct caress of wood, combine with all your other sensory responses for a truly calming and relaxing experience.


Naturally Durable
A good hot tub or sauna is made from carefully selected wood that withstands high humidity rates and severe temperature fluctuations. That’s why we at Northern Lights® work exclusively with Western Red Cedar. This North American evergreen belongs to the conifer family and grows mainly in British Columbia, Canada. Western Red Cedar is one of the few species that can naturally withstand all types of weather. It can withstand the most extreme climates for decades. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insects makes it the ideal choice for structures that are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, heat and cold, year after year.

Highly Antibacterial
Because Western Red Cedar contains thuja plicata soluble phenols, substances that are lethal to bacteria and fungi, you are sure to find it easy to maintain a hygenic cedarwood sauna or hot tub. Moreover, Western Red Cedar will retain its shape under all conditions, without twisting, cracking or warping.

Insulating and Calming
Western Red Cedar has a very high thermal properties, which is obviously an important feature for hot tubs and saunas! Also, Western Red Cedar beautifully blends in with all kinds of architectural designs, be it rustic or modern. Its natural aroma is beneficial due to its calming effect. So you can enjoy an all-sensory experience during your hot tub or sauna session!

FSC Certified
The wood of your hot tub or sauna is naturally long-lived. Northern Lights® only uses FSC certified wood that is sustainably managed by the Canadian government. So sustainably that there are more Red Cedars growing today than in the 1970s. You can rest assured that your feel-good moments are in full harmony with nature.

Why we chose Northern Lights to be our leading brand

International award-winning company Northern Lights Hot Tubs and Saunas, has grown from a small family business in the 1980’s to the leading manufacturer of unique Western Red Cedar Wood saunas and hot tubs worldwide. Based on the ancient art of barrel making, Northern Lights have modernised and perfected the skills of coopers to create their barrel-shaped hot tubs and saunas.

State-of-the-art laser technology is used to flawlessly join the long wooden planks on the barrel with traditional canoe joints. Together with a 100% precision fit between the staves and the ends of the barrel, you are guaranteed to have a perfectly watertight and airtight sauna or hot tub.

The fine craftsmanship, innovative design and meticulous engineering have been recognised across the globe, and Northern Lights have walked away with international laurels such as Best of Class Awards, Top Ten Pools & Spas Awards and ranked as one of the top ten fastest growing companies in Manitoba. Their saunas and hot tubs feature in some of the most exclusive hotels, resorts and wellness centres in the world and have even been showcased in a blockbuster movie and grace the homes of royalty.

Firehouse is the proud sole distributor of exclusive Northern Lights Saunas in the United Kingdom. Our professionally trained engineers have an intimate knowledge of installing, repairing and maintaining these saunas. Should you prefer to buy the sauna in kit form and install it yourself, Firehouse will back you up with expert advice and guidance.

Heat Your Sauna

The heaters in your Northern Lights sauna are well isolated to prevent injury and are all built to the highest safety standards. To ensure you get precisely what you want, Northern Lights offer you the choice of Classic, Combi-steam or Wood-fired heaters.

  • Classic system
    The sleek design of the Classic electric heater assures you of quick and pleasant heat distribution throughout the sauna, with precise temperature control. The Classic is versatile and gives you the option of wet or dry usage.

  • Combi-steam
    The Combi lets you enjoy the benefits of either a steam bath or wet or dry sauna usage. It has a built-in fragrance dispenser of your favourite aromatic essences.
  • Wood fired heater
    If you are a stickler for natural wellness, then the stylish wood-fired sauna heater is precisely the right choice for you. Feel the natural heat from the powerful heater, while gazing into the hypnotising flames and hearing the crackling fire. And it is all completely safe.

Accessorize Your Sauna

  • Bucket & Ladle

  • Thermo-hygrometer

  • Cedar Back Rests

  • Sand Timer

Sauna Technical Specifications

Specifications 7 Foot Sauna 8 Foot Sauna
Outside Dimensions 83″ long by 83 ¾” diameter 93 ½” long by 83 ¾” diameter
Interior Volume 226 cubic feet 259 cubic feet
Heat Up Time 20 minutes 20 minutes
Materials Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar
Wall Thickness 1 ½” 1 ½”
Electric Heat Option 6Kw Electric Heater 6Kw Electric Heater
Amperage Required 30 Amps 40 Amps
IR Heater Option Yes up to 4 x 300 Watt (40 amps) No
Wood Heat Option Yes Yes
Base Foot Print 72 ¾” x 63″ 84 ¾” x 63″

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