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Lofoten Hot Tub

The Lofoten Hot Tub has an integrated 30kW oven in the housing, which ensures the best heating properties, ease of use and convenience. The comfortable and supportive interior is made of acrylic making it very easy to clean. The Lofoten has an aesthetically pleasing 44mm Thermowood (spruce) outer shell giving it a natural appearance that looks great in any garden.

The generous 1800mm diameter gives it a capacity for 6 people.

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  • Outer shell: 44mm Thermowood (spruce)
  • Base: 28mm Thermowood (spruce)
  • External diameter: 2000mm
  • Internal diameter: 1800mm
  • Side board height: 1130mm
  • Oven 30kw internal (integrated): marine grade aluminum
  • Chimney heat protection with holes
  • Drain tap
  • White, Blue or Grey Acrylic interior shell
  • Wooden stair
  • PVC cover as standard / option for thermocover which improves heat up time

Spa Pack & Light pack option available:
8 Jets
8 LED lights

Thermocover option available:
100mm insulated cover supplied in black
30kW wood fired heaters will heat water up to temperature in approx 3 hours*
This is reduced to 2 hours* with a thermocover
*times based on 12 degree outside temperature

Marine grade aluminium integrated oven

Powerful 30kW oven integrated into the acrylic interior shell

Acrylic interior shell

Comfortable, supportive and easy to clean

Rain Hood

Protects the oven from rainwater and reduces sparks from the chimney.

Thermowood outer shell

The outer shell does not come into contact with the water and is made from a 44mm thick thermal spruce.

Chimney heat protection

Outer heat shield protection around the chimney

External Drain Tap

Direct the water where you want it.

Wooden steps

Wooden steps included giving you easier access

Additional information

Dimensions 2000 × 2000 × 9500 mm
Shell Colour

Blue, Grey, White


Standard PVC Cover (+£0), 100mm Insulated Thermocover (+£441)

Spa & Light Pack

None, 8 Jets & 8 LED lights (+£823)

Hot Tub Sizes

6 Person


What are the advantages of an integrated oven?

An integrated oven is integrated into the hot tub housing. This ensures high heating efficiency with less wood and time being used. Unlike internal ovens there is more space in the hot tub as the oven is located under an elevated seating position. Another advantage is the oven is hidden in the housing improving aesthetics and efficiency by protecting it from external weather conditions.

Is preliminary work required for installation?

The hot tub is ready for use immediately. It has supporting impregnated beams so that the main body doesn’t come into contact with the ground. Ideally if placing on soil (or grass) use a geotextile membrane and some gravel 20cm larger than the diameter.

How long does the water last?

This depends on various factors

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Number of users and frequency
  • External environment: tree leaves, insects and dust etc
  • Continual use of the lid when not in use
  • Rinsing and showering before using the hot tub

Taking these factors into account one would expect the water would need to be changed after 3 days.

What are the advantages of an acrylic shell?

Immediate use
With proper care, wood lasts a long time, but wood play (expansion and shrinkage) cannot be avoided. Thus, filling a long-standing barrel sauna with water can reveal that it is leaking. To do this, let it run for several more hours for the wood to start to expand, and if necessary, adjust the fastening rods. After expansion, there may again be little space between the rods and the rods must be readjusted. Sometimes this process can take several days.

The acrylic shell is not porous and therefore dirt will not stick to it. For washing, it is usually enough to rinse with a garden hose and from time to time quickly cross the sponge and dishwashing liquid.

The plastic content is especially comfortable because the backrest has a tracking shape.

Practicality and efficiency
As the seating has no space below it, the water under the seat is not heated unnecessarily. This means less water to fill the hot tub and less wood and time to heat it.