Don’t you just love summer?

Don’t you just love summer? Then why not get outside in the garden and enjoy it with family and friends! Too cold in the evenings? A Fire Pit from Firehouse is a fabulous way to make the most of lingering summer evenings in your garden. When the sun sets, or hides behind clouds, you no longer have to worry about plunging temperatures. Just nuzzle up closer to the cosy blaze and enjoy good company with a cup of cocoa, beer or wine and spin a yarn, or cook an outdoor meal together. Stretch those precious evenings of companionship in your own backyard and know you can entertain almost any night. Who knows, maybe you can even enjoy the outdoors all year round? With the right planning, it is not impossible.

Fire Pits have been a hub of sociable gatherings, enjoyed by our ancestors for many centuries. Modern technology gives you all the benefits of an authentic backyard campout, without the former hassles, smoke and cleaning up the mess afterwards. Firehouse understands that Fire Pits are more than just a new trend for decorating your backyard. Our extensive selection of Outdoor Fire Pits, Fire Pit Tables and Fire Pit BBQ’s gives you the widest choice of premier brands such as Gardenmaxx and Happy Cocooning. You are guaranteed to get the highest quality and most attractive Fire Pits in a comprehensive assortment of sizes, shapes and colours.

What is your style preference? Firehouse offers you the full range of designs, from traditional all the way to contemporary. Browse through our website to find the Fire Pit that matches your taste, requirements and pocket.