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We’re all a little guilty sometimes of being ‘slaves’ to the digital age, becoming increasingly reliant on those instant ‘on demand’ interactions that help life move at a blistering pace, with a little help from Alexa along the way. Imagine if you could actually harness digital technology to help you slow down and put more time and emphasis into looking after your own wellbeing?

Well, imagine no more, introducing the new and exclusive SmartTub™ system from Jacuzzi®. This clever little app used in conjunction with your smartphone enables you to enjoy the next generation of spa ownership. From simple features such as being able to remotely adjust the temperature of your spa so it’s ready and waiting for you when you get home, to setting up timely reminders for routine service and maintenance, SmartTub™ is designed to bring simplified hot tub ownership to your fingertips.

SmartTub™ Features

  • Stable, secure, cellular connection
  • Easy setup, no WiFi credential needed
  • Updates made seamlessly over the air
  • System learns based on use
  • Includes 1 year data plan, $36/yr after*
  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Reminders
  • Power outage notification
  • Energy usage estimator* *
  • Personalized use and care content
  • Compatible with Android, iOs,

Alexa, iPad, Apple Watch and Google Assistant

Stable, secure, cellular connection

Being acutely aware of this digital phenomenon, we’ve designed our latest digital breakthrough to utilise cellular technology rather than Wi-Fi, making it more reliable for you. SmartTub™ only needs a cellular service to keep you connected to your hot tub wherever you are, meaning you never lose touch with monitoring and controlling your hot tub remotely.

* Requires subscription beginning in second year of ownership.

* * Estimates are based on sensor readings and are not meant to match your utility measurements, see your local utility company for specifics.


J-500™ Luxury Collection


This is a true pinnacle of form & features that sets the bar for all hot tubs to aspire to. The cabinetry and lighting are unlike anything in the collection.
The flagship of the Jacuzzi® hot tub collection has 2 superb models and we have both within the Manchester Showroom. Get an idea of what the future looks like by seeing the J-500™ today.

View the J-500 Collection

J-400™ Designer Collection


These are some of our most luxurious hot tubs, incredibly comfortable lounger seats and double high level waterfalls exude indulgence.

This superb range within the Jacuzzi® collection exudes luxury and when you walk around them in our showroom you will immediately see & feel the difference.

View the J-400 Collection

J-300™ Comfort Collection


Every feature here is that bit more innovative and exclusive. This is the right range to look at when complete hydrotherapy is your main purchase reason.
Each of the hot tub ranges supplied by Jacuzzi® is well represented within our showroom, in particular the J-300™. This hydrotherapy specialist can be wet tested at your leisure to help you understand just how good these hot tubs really are.

View the J-300 Collection

J-200™ Classic Collection


The ideal entry-level hot tub range from Jacuzzi®, its ultra competitive price delivers all the quality expected just in a smaller form.

Join us today and you’ll find four great examples of the J-200™ range in our showroom, we are happy to take you through their features & finishes as well as discussing the other models available in the collection.

View the J-200 Collection

Cutting-edge Curvalux design

Available in the J-500s, Curvalux™ establishes a new standard in indoor or outdoor luxury. Innovative exterior corner lights, mood-setting multi-colour internal lights behind dual waterfalls, and an exterior skirt of designer-woven textiles, this hot tub does not look like any other you have ever seen.

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