Jacuzzi: What do you pay for?

Jacuzzi® not only invented hydro-jet technology, they have also remained the global market leaders with more than250 worldwide patents for advanced pump systems, air-water mixture and hydro jets.

Jacuzzi® sets the standard by which other brands are measured. Over the past 70 years, the name Jacuzzi has become synonymous with the highest quality hydrotherapy bathing tubs, but a pure-bred Jacuzzi® distinguishes itself in terms of the ultimate quality, technology and design. Owning a genuine Jacuzzi® demonstrates an appreciation of exceptional quality and signifies a peerless lifestyle.

Jacuzzi® combines innovative aesthetic appearance and extreme comfort with the latest technology and restorative therapeutic benefits.

Exclusive design

Jacuzzi® offers the widest range of elegant designs for every environment and personal desire, ensuring you will always enjoy an all-encompassing hydromassage best suited to your needs, preferences and budget. Believe it or not, it is even possible for you to have a hand in the design of your own exclusive Jacuzzi!

Ranging from rectangular tubs to round, oval and square footprints; from a small 2-seater in your bathroom to 12-seaters for the hospitality industry; indoors or outdoors; lounge or individual seating; all Jacuzzi’s feature exotic and ergonomic designs that form the centrepiece of elegant and modern furnishings in your bathroom, exercise room, indoor entertainment area or outdoor entertainment area. You can have single or combined seating with comfortable headrests, speciality therapy seats and loungers, which all fit your body like a glove. 

Subtle built-in lighting and music systems create exactly the atmosphere in which to unwind and socialise. Inspired by nature and Japanese feng shui, Jacuzzi designers have created high-tech works of art that let you relax and offer the ultimate health benefits.

Jacuzzi® collections include the J-lines; Italian design; Professional collection; Lodge collection; Virtus design; Profile (infinity pool effect); Santorini range; Delos range; Delfi range; Skylounge and City Spa (both especially for smaller spaces); Alimia; and the Unique range (which is customizable to your specifications.)

How is a Jacuzzi® built?

The Jacuzzi® tubs are vacuum formed from superior sanitary-grade, scratch-resistant acrylic, insulated for the best possible heat retention. The high-gloss finish in a variety of styles and colours are beautiful, long-lasting, hygienic and easy to clean.

The best of 21st Century Technology:

Jacuzzi® have thoroughly researched the hydrotherapy demands of professional athletes to relax and recover after strenuous performance and have harnessed the natural ability of warm water to heal the body, mind and soul. This same technology benefits every Jacuzzi® owner.

Jacuzzi’s patented Aqualibrium® is the optimum combination of the Powerpro® jet system, the perfect balance of water and air, high-flow-low-pressure hydromassage and ergonomically designed seating, based on the anthroprometric dimensions ( quantitative measurements of the muscle, bone, and adipose tissue used to assess the composition of the body) of 95% of body types for a full-body massage in each of the different types of seats that perfectly hugs your body.

Clearray Active Oxygen® water treatment technology combines the natural action of ozone and UV-C rays to sterilise the water and the five-stage filtering system keeps the water pure, with a minimum amount of chemicals required to maintain the chemical balance of the water.

Smarttub® technology puts you in full remote control of your Jacuzzi to customize settings and modes and monitor the Jacuzzi through your smartphone.


A complete array of optional and customizable decorative furnishings of exceptional quality and style are available for all models of the entire series of Jacuzzi® hot tubs.

Available in a choice of wood or rattan, the accessories include different sizes of platforms and corner platforms; steps and corner steps; sofas; flower planters; storage units; tables and benches.

What do Jacuzzi® owners think?

Jacuzzi consistently receives 5-star ratings for its excellent performance and perfection and its outstanding features. Jacuzzi® backs up the quality of their tubs with market-leading guarantees. Some models have a shell structure with a 10-years warranty, 7-years for the surface, and 5-year on equipment control and plumbing.