The world’s most recognised and largest selling brand of hot tubs

Cutting-edge design and technology since 1915

Jacuzzi® has been associated with cutting-edge design and technology since 1915, first in aviation, then agricultural pumps and finally hydrotherapy bathing tubs with built-in heating and filtration and water purification systems.

Over the past 70 years, the Jacuzzi® brand name has become synonymous with hot tubs and whirlpool baths around the world, but the genuine Jacuzzi® still distinguishes itself as the global leader in technology and quality.

If you own a genuine Jacuzzi® you do not ONLY own a hot tub, you demonstrate an inimitable lifestyle

With more than 250 worldwide patents for advanced pump systems, hydrojet technology, air control and iconic product design, Jacuzzi® has continuously advanced hot tub technology to enhance the sensory experience of a true Jacuzzi®.

Superior sanitary-grade, scratch-resistant acrylic

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are vacuum formed from superior sanitary-grade, scratch-resistant acrylic. The high-gloss finish in a variety of styles and colours are beautiful, long-lasting, hygienic and easy to clean. Jacuzzi® combines innovative design with the latest technology and restorative therapeutic dynamics.
Manufacturing a more extensive range of hot tubs than any other on the market, Jacuzzi® ensures you will always enjoy an all-encompassing hydromassage best suited to your needs, preferences and budget. You will be able to base your choice on how much space you have, exactly what you want to use it for, how much you want to spend and on your personal aesthetic preferences, even to the point of designing your own unique Jacuzzi®.

Cutting-edge Curvalux™ design

Available in the J-500s, Curvalux™ establishes a new standard in indoor or outdoor luxury. Innovative exterior corner lights, mood-setting multi-colour internal lights behind dual waterfalls, and an exterior skirt of designer-woven textiles, this hot tub does not look like any other you have ever seen.

Jacuzzi J-200 Hot Tubs

The J-200 range of spa baths is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of Jacuzzi® and hydromassage without having to invest in top of the range specifications.

Delivering the reliability and quality offered by Jacuzzi® premium spa baths at a convenient price, the J-200 range provides all the features you need to sit, relax and enjoy a comfortable hydromassage.

Each model in the J-200 range has been designed to offer the utmost flexibility to meet all installation requirements, provide simple user friendly controls, advanced filtration and ClearRay technology for improved hygiene. Plus a number of classic jets to ensure you and your family enjoy the benefits of hydromassage as well as hours of fun.

Jacuzzi J-300 Hot Tubs

A renewed Premium series
Major renewals and improvements in the J-300 collection. The line boasts a more modern and functional design and new jets across all models which enhance and improve the performance of the hydromassage. The aesthetics are charmingly enhanced thanks to new colours, while the controls become even simpler and more straightforward to manage thanks to a new control system.

The new PowerPro® Therapy Seats
It is hard to improve upon perfection, but Jacuzzi® has managed it with the new seats of the J-300 spa baths. Thanks to the positioning and power of the jets, they offer an even more effective hydromassage at the key nerve centres of the back and lumbar region. As well as enhancing its performance, Jacuzzi® has positioned a higher number of jets, especially in the lounge seats: from the neck to the shoulders, legs and feet, every area of the body is stimulated and massaged in-depth by a rotating and targeted jet which relieves tension, generating wellness.

Jacuzzi J-400 Hot Tubs

These simply are the best hot tubs to look after you and your body, sit in any J-400 model and you will feel extra special in minutes.

The J-400 range offers an understated design which is suited to any indoor or outdoor surroundings ensuring the perfect look and the ultimate in flexibility.

Premium quality oozes throughout the collection from the outer skirting through to the quality components behind the scenes which deliver that hydromassage unique to Jacuzzi®.

The J-400 range simply offers the best hot tubs for all round performance, hydrotherapy and quality. Impress your friends and invite them to try out your Jacuzzi® experience – there is no other hot tub experience like it!

Jacuzzi J-500 Hot Tubs

The J-500 collection combines innovative technology, ground-breaking design and the legendary Jacuzzi® hydromassage to establish a new standard in luxury hot tubs.
Defined by a cutting edge curved design the J-500 collection is made using a weatherproof Curvalux exterior which mimics the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture combined with outer architectural lighting. Inside the luxury continues with multi-colour lighting and 2 integrated waterfalls which fuse sight and sound to provide a calming and relaxing environment.
A revolutionary touch screen control panel offers a new way to control every function of these luxury hot tubs, whilst smartphone integration allows you to control the features of your hot tub remotely even allowing you to warm your water on the way home from work. Our finest combination of jets delivers the ultimate hydromassage experience with each model in the collection featuring more than 50 jets.


J-210 J-235 J-335 J-375 J-475 J-575
Capacity 4 person 6 person 4-5 person 5-6 person 5-6 person 5-6 person
Size (mm) 1980 × 1980 × 910 2130 × 2130 × 910 2130 × 2130 × 910 2310 × 2310 × 960 2310 × 2310 × 1130 2310 × 2310 × 1130
Lounge No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capacity 1173 litres 1703 litres 1363 litres 1779 litres 1666 litres 1685 litres
Weight of basin 23kg 32kg 36kg 40kg Column 6 Value 5 Column 7 Value 5
Jet type Classic Classic PowerPro™ PowerPro™ PowerPro™ PowerPro™
Jet Quantity 19 35 42 52 55 49
Filtration Stages 2 4 4 4 5 5
Empty weight 239kg 326kg 347kg 376kg 420kg 407kg
Filled weight 1147kg 1688kg 1671kg 2060kg 2084kg 2470kg