What is a Jacuzzi and who invented it?

Jacuzzi® is the legendary brand name that pioneered an entire industry in hydrotherapy and has become synonymous with premium jetted whirlpool bathing, hot tubs and spas, being called jacuzzi even when they are not “thoroughbred” Jacuzzi’s. Initially invented to treat the debilitating rheumatoid arthritis of brother Ken in the 1940’s, the innovative Jacuzzi brothers applied their knowledge of hydraulic aircraft pumps and deep well agricultural pumps to build the first hydromassage pump, turning a soaking hot tub into a relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic spa to promote health and wellness.

Their success and the overwhelming demand for their hydromassage pump led to the founding of Jacuzzi® in 1956, thereby launching an entirely new category of hydrotherapy. In 1968, Jacuzzi introduced hydrotherapy pumps to circulate the water and air under pressure in fibreglass tubs. The innovativeness of the Jacuzzi brothers did not end there. That first Jacuzzi built for their own brother has led to a brand that is now built in five countries, sold in 100 countries and trusted by millions of people around the world, but which remained focused on the comfort and wellbeing of the individual. Other features like multi-colour mood-lighting; power jets; sound systems; waterfalls; sophisticated filtration and sanitization systems; aromatherapy; and so on have been developed and added over the years, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and enjoying hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own home.

Jacuzzi boasts an impressive list of “firsts”: Jacuzzi was the first whirpool tub that could be used indoors as well as outdoors; it was the first to integrate pumps and jets into its bath; it was the first to research the perfect mix of air and water, ergonomic seating and exact pump-to-jet ratio in every seat.

Seats that comfortably follow the contours of the body and recessed jets placed to perfectly match the human muscle structure, were designed after intensive studies of the anthropometric dimensions of about 90% of men and women. Jacuzzi can confidently boast that their seats deliver personalised comfort and optimised hydromassage for almost all body types.

Jacuzzi’s FX Therapy seat offers full coverage for the neck, shoulders and back and it delivers a deep, adjustable, rifling, spiral stream of air and water to relieve chronic aches and pains, while the MX therapy seat delivers a maximum volume, low pressure, deep tissue massage for the lower back. The RX therapy seat has spinning RX jets to deliver comforting relief to the back and neck, utilising the highest performance hydromassage of any. For a full-body experience, just nothing can beat the Proair™ Lounge, with jets targeted at your feet, pulsating rotational jets and exclusive bubbling BX jets.

Jacuzzi has an impressive range of Powerpro jets which utilise the venturi effect to create the perfect ratio of air and water, with balanced pressure for the best hydromassage experience imaginable. Its Clearray water management system uses the same technology as for purified bottled drinking water. The scratch-resistant acrylic profusion™ shell is built with three layers for strength, rigidity, durability and heat retention.

You can customise all your settings for energy saving, filtration, temperature, lighting and jets with the digital control panel. SmartTub™ is a unique app that runs on a cellular platform and uses cloud integration to enable you to monitor your Jacuzzi remotely, send real-time alerts and do diagnostics and check energy usage from anywhere.t tub.