Barbecues (BBQ’s) – Let’s make the most of summer

During summer, there is no better way to entertain friends and family friends than a companionable barbeque. Firehouse stocks one of the largest assortments of barbeques from leading suppliers, at the most affordable prices you will find anywhere.

Different cooking methods are possible with BBQ’s. For things like steaks, the food is placed directly above high heat with direct radiation from below, with or without a lid. To brown the meats, they can be seared on the heated plate, grill or side broiler. For whole chickens or roasts, the heat is usually off to one side and the food cooks by warm air circulating around it, with a closed lid. This is called convection roasting. A variation on this method is to place aromatic wood chips on the heat plates or lava rocks for indirect smoking with the lid closed. For both types of cooking, marinades can create a rich sweet or savoury crunchy crust if caramelized over high heat or directly on the heated plate.

Whether you prefer gas, charcoal, whole logs, or wood pellets, or our latest range of electric barbeques, you are guaranteed to find the perfect barbeque from our selection. To make you barbeque a truly enjoyable occasion and cook the perfect meal, Firehouse will provide you with a great assortment of barbeque accessories, utensils, fuels, food safe cleaning materials, and much more.

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