A gas BBQ is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to have a smokeless, appetizing barbeque. You can have sumptuous food on the table in little more than half an hour, with a little cleaning up afterwards. One of the greatest benefits of a gas BBQ is that you can control the heat much more precisely than on any of the other types of BBQ.

Do you lose flavour on a gas barbeque? No! The characteristic flavour of grilled food comes from the juices in the food, not the fuel. Depending on the type of gas BBQ you buy, it will have a metal plate, ceramic base or lava rocks above the flames to protect the burners and to create radiant heat. The rising heat from your gas BBQ releases moisture from the food, dripping down onto the heated surface below. This moisture contains fats, oils, sugars, water, carbohydrates, proteins and flavourants, which all burst into flame and give off smoke and steam. The heated food and rising smoke and steam create new complex flavours that give the food you are grilling its characteristic taste and smell. The LP gas used in BBQ’s do not in any way affect the taste or flavour of the food, as it is all burnt up and does not come into any contact with the food.

Some gas BBQ’s come with accessories like side burners and smoke boxes, to further enhance the “smoky” taste of meat in particular. Although gas BBQ’s give almost instantaneous heat, it is still good practice to pre-heat the BBQ for 10-15 minutes, depending on how warm and windy it is outside.

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