Firehouse has distinguished itself as a Morsø “Centre of Excellence” and we can supply, install and maintain the full range of Morsø stoves, with all the most popular ones on display in our showroom. Our sales and technical staff have all undergone rigorous Morsø training to ensure you receive the best advice, service and technical assistance.


We are incredibly proud to be a selected Morso ‘Centre Of Excellence’.

Morso has been the quintessence of a Danish wood burning stoves for generations. They are timeless and modern at the same time, harnessing new technology with many years of experience to produce very clean burning, highly efficient and cosy stoves. Morsø builds technologically advanced, highly efficient and aesthetically beautiful wood-burning stoves, with effective heat control.


For over 162 years.

Morsø has been pioneering closed system fireplaces around the world since the original cast iron fireplace was manufactured at Morsø Jernstøberi in Denmark almost 170 years ago. Founded by N.A. Christensen and Wilhelm Bonn in 1853, Morsø has a proud history of supplying heating systems to churches, schools, public buildings, railways, royal apartments and palaces, contributing to its reputation as a design icon. Today Morsø is the leading manufacturer of a range of more than 50 different state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor wood-burning stoves in which you can see the flames, fireplaces, pizza ovens, outdoor ovens and firepits, being sold in more than 30 countries, from Europe to South Africa, North America to Asia.

Royal Warmth

At the turn of the century, Morso began to produce tiled stoves and heaters to schools, churches, the railways, ministries and to the royal household; thus, starting their now well-known relationship with fireplaces. Providing heaters to the royal household certainly put Morso on the map, and in 1915, they received the coveted title of Purveyor to the Royal Court.

A particularly warm and cosy feeling

In the 1950s, tiled stoves were beginning to be replaced by modern central heating; however, this started the love for traditional wood-burning stoves where you can see the flames, as it gave homes a uniquely warm and cosy feeling that you can’t get with central heating. Today, Morso stoves serve more than one function and have developed into a global design company that is bringing warmth and comfort to homes all around the world.


A Morsø fireplace is much more than just a source of heat – it’s luxury and efficiency form an integral part of your design and comfort. Which style appeals to you? Traditional, Contemporary, Modern? Firehouse has exactly the right Morsø stove for you.

Heat efficiency

A Morsø cast iron closed system stove retains approximately 90% of the heat produced by the fuel. The cast iron fire box has a unique ability to store and give off an even and uniform heat, ensuring that you have the most heat efficient stove to warm your home.

Heat output

Firehouse will help you choose the right size stove for your home with the correct heat output to achieve the most comfortable temperature, which is about 21 degrees Celsius. Heat output is calculated in BTU (British Thermal Units) or in Kw, which does not mean much to the average person, but Firehouse will guide you to correctly calculate the Kw or BTU stove you require.

Superior Quality

The superior quality of Morsø is backed by a 10-year guarantee. If taken care of properly, your Morsø stove can last for many generations. Maintenance includes simple cleaning and servicing of the fireplace before every firing season and some basic maintenance during winter.

Top selling Stoves from Morso

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You can now make your outdoor life more comfortable, more beautiful, more exclusive and exciting. Luckily, we are not the only one to feel the excitement of this functional and sculptural outdoor product range. Recently the grill and pizza oven, Morsø Forno, won the “Interior Innovation Award for Outdoor Products” at the German IIA Award 2013.

Morso Forno outdoor fireplaces are perfect for those who enjoy good food, originality and shared experiences. They have been designed by the award-winning Klaus Rath, and features clean lines and a simple, functional design.

The Morso Forno collection features the Forno Pizza Oven and tailor-made stoves, which are perfect for using as either an open fire as a patio heater or for using as an outdoor oven or BBQ.

£898.99 (inc. VAT)


Firehouse supply all accessories for the Morso Outdoor Collection, including the N.A.C Cookware Series of Cocotte pots, saucepans, casserole dishes and skillets, as well as the Morso pizza shovel and frying plates.

Everything you need to make the perfect outdoor cooking experience!


The Morso Kamino outdoor fireplace has been constructed from cast iron and will instantly warm any outside space. The Kamino are perfect for patio and garden use and make the ideal addition to warm early spring days, cool summer evenings and on into the early autumn.

Morsø Kamino is moveable and can be turned in relation to both wind and arrangement.

£999.00 (inc. VAT)

Morso Outdoor Living Range