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Northern Lights Cedar Wood Outdoor Sauna (8 People)

£24,100.00 (inc. VAT)

Northern Lights Western Red Cedar Wood Saunas are truly in a class of their own. The unique barrel shape is not only a remarkably attractive design, but it is also highly functional and extremely comfortable. Northern Lights saunas also offer the widest choice of heating options of all brands.

Precision-made from top-grade 1 ½ inch Western Red Cedar, you are assured of the highest quality; unequalled thermal insulation; joints, panels and doors sealing perfectly; and the ultimate in hygiene because of its natural anti-microbial qualities.

Size: You have a choice of a six-seater or an eight-seater Sauna.

SKU/Product Code: SKU H-368


Maximum Comfort

Comfort is our top priority. Because of its large circular shape, there is no wasted space in this extraordinarily spacious sauna. At 259 cubic feet volume, the 8-seater provides you with headroom of over 2.1 m for even the tallest to stand or sit comfortably, and the same width of 2.1m across to never feel crowded.
Its exterior length of 2.4 m provides two-tier benches of 225 mm, giving each bather ample space next to his neighbour, and comfortable stretching-out space even for giants.

Two-tier Benches

The round shape optimizes the flow of heated air and heat-vapour distribution inside the sauna. There are no corners where heat can be trapped. The combined result is that it heats up quickly, and no matter where you sit in the sauna, you have the best possible seat in the house! The bi-level benches allow you to enjoy different temperatures during the same session, by simply changing position. Because heat rises, it will be hotter on the upper-level benches than on the lower level benches.

Optional L-shaped or U-shaped two-tier benches can be purchased.

With a choice of a wood-fired heater or a powerful 40 amp, 7.5Kw electric heater, your sauna can be brought to optimum temperature in under 25 minutes.

How hot does it get inside the 8-seater?

Your preference will determine the temperature setting, but the heating capacity of the element is up to 110 degrees Celsius. The generally preferred heat setting is between 60 degrees and 85 degrees. The higher the heat, the shorter the recommended period you should spend inside the sauna.
How much power does the electric heater consume?

The 7.5 Kw electric model will consume 7500 watts in one hour. If you allow 25 minutes of heating-up and 35 minutes of sauna time, you will pay for 7.5 Kw units of electricity. For one hour of sauna therapy and 25 minutes of heating time, you will use approximately 11 Kw units. At an average price of 12.83 pence per Kwh unit, it will cost you about £1,40 per session for up to eight people.
For the wood-fired model, you will require only enough wood to heat the sauna for one hour.

Summary of Technical specifications:

  • 100% Clear Western Red Cedar Wood
  • 1 ½” Cedar construction (38 mm)
  • 3 Stainless steel straps and hardware
  • Wood-Fired or Electric Heating Options
  • 100% Surgical Stainless-Steel Heaters with built-in controls
  • Dual Hand sanded benches
  • Cedar duckboard raised flooring
  • Pressure-treated cradle
  • Vent Kit
  • Sauna light with air-activated interior on/off switch
  • Insulated Cedar door with double pane tempered glass
  • Custom Protective heater guard
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Patent Pending Stave Design
  • Outside Diameter: 83 ¾ inches (2.13 metres)
  • Outside Length: 93 ½ inches (2.37 metres)
  • Volume: 259 cubic inches (7.33 cubic metres)
  • Footprint of Base: 84 3/4″ x 63″ (2.13m X 1.6m)
  • Electrical requirements: 40 amp, 230V VAC GFI