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Northern Lights Cedar Wood Outdoor Sauna (6 People)

£21,000.00 (inc. VAT)

Northern Lights Western Red Cedar Wood Saunas are truly in a class of their own. The unique barrel shape is not only a remarkably attractive design, but it is also highly functional and extremely comfortable. Northern Lights saunas also offer the widest choice of heating options of all brands.

Precision-made from top-grade 1 ½ inch Western Red Cedar, you are assured of the highest quality; unequalled thermal insulation; joints, panels and doors sealing perfectly; and the ultimate in hygiene because of its natural anti-microbial qualities.

Size: You have a choice of a six-seater, or an eight-seater Sauna.

SKU/Product Code: SKU H-222


Spacious  and Comfortable

While the six-seater is slightly shorter than the 8-seater, it accords more space per person. At a volume of 226 cubic feet, it amounts to almost 38 cubic feet per person, as opposed to an already generous 32 cubic feet per person in the eight-seater.

It also has the same diameter as the 8-seater, giving it the same headroom and width. It is one foot shorter at 7 feet (2133mm). The two-tier benches are 1950 mm long to ensure plenty of “elbow room” and still allow a tall person to stretch out comfortably.

As with the 8-seater, the round shape optimizes the flow of heated air and distribution of heat-vapour inside the sauna, and there are no corners where heat can be trapped. It is slightly shorter than the 8-seater, and therefore it heats up even more quickly, in less than 20 minutes. Because the heat and moisture are distributed evenly, you can enjoy the same comfort anywhere in the sauna. Because heat rises, it will be hotter on the upper-level benches and slightly less so on the lower level benches. For that reason, the benches have been placed at different levels so you can enjoy different temperatures by merely moving to the upper or lower benches. Optional L-shaped or U-shaped two-tier benches are available.

How hot does it get inside a 6-seater?

Your preference will determine the temperature setting, but the heating capacity of the 6Kw element is up to 110 degrees Celsius. The generally preferred heat setting is between 60 degrees and 85 degrees. The higher the heat, the shorter the recommended period you should spend inside the sauna. A 6Kw heater is suitable for up to 300 cubic feet (8.5 cubic metres.) An optional 7.5 Kw heater is also available.

Hybrid Heating Technology

The 6-seater Northern Lights Sauna has an optional hybrid heating system. This means you can use either the traditional “rock heater,” or an Infrared Carbon Ceramic panel heater. For the ultimate sauna experience, you can install both. Combining these two heaters generally gives you the same sauna benefits in half the time.

This combination of hybrid technology makes the Northern Lights 6-seater Western Red Cedar Wood sauna the most advanced and medically effective sauna on the market. Infrared heat penetrates deep into the body for pain relief and heats up instantly because it does not have to heat the air around it as a convection or conduction heater does. Infrared heat travels through the air and heats any object that it comes into contact with. This is similar to the sun melting snow while the ambient temperature is still below freezing point. By also switching on the conventional “rock heater” the air in the sauna will be heated too, but much quicker than it would on its own

Wood-fired heating option

The 6-seater Northern Lights sauna also has an optional wood-fired heating system. This is particularly effective in areas with no electricity.

How much power does the electric heater consume?

The 6 Kw electric model will consume 6000 watts in one hour. If you allow 20 minutes of heating-up and 40 minutes of sauna time, you will pay for 6 Kw units of electricity. For one hour of sauna therapy and 20 minutes of heating time, you will use approximately 8 Kw units. At an average price of 12.83 pence per Kwh unit, it will cost you about 77 pence per session for up to six people.

The infrared heater consumes about 1 Kw per hour. This translates to under 13 pence per session because there is no need for a pre-heating period. If it is combined with a conventional “rock heater” it will cost less, because switching both heaters on at the start will heat up more quickly and have the same effect at a lower temperature and shorter time, saving power on the 6Kw heater.

For the wood-fired model, you will require only enough wood to heat the sauna for one hour.

Summary of Technical specifications:

  • 1 ½” Cedar construction (38 mm)
  • 100% Clear Western Red Cedar Wood
  • 3 Stainless steel straps and hardware
  • Wood-Fired, Electric Infrared, or Conventional Electric Heating Options
  • 100% Surgical Stainless Steel Heaters with built-in controls
  • Dual Hand sanded benches
  • Cedar duckboard raised flooring
  • Pressure-treated cradle
  • Vent Kit
  • Sauna light with air-activated interior on/off switch
  • Insulated Cedar door with double pane tempered glass
  • Custom Protective heater guard
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Patent Pending Stave Design
  • Outside Diameter: 83 ¾ inches (2.13 metres)
  • Outside Length: 83 ¾ (2.13 metres)
  • Volume: 226 cubic inches (6.4 cubic metres)
  • Footprint of Base: 73 ¾ ” x 63″ (1.87m X 1.6m)
  • Electrical requirements: 40 amp, 230V VAC GFI