Morso 7900 Free Standing stove

Project Summary

  • Morso 7948 on pedestal

  • Morso black glass hearth with curved front

  • Powder Coated Twin Wall Flue System

  • Morso direct Air Kit


A local builder who passes lots of referrals over to us approached us for something special for his own project at his newly renovated property. He had a large feature wall he was working on in the living room and wanted a wood burning stove to compliment his excellent work and create some ambience. Originally he wanted a large insert stove to go below his extra-large television and sound system. No matter how much we tried we couldn’t get an insert stove to work on the feature wall. It had too much going on and not enough space to clear combustibles for the size of fire needed for the room size. Eventually, after trying lots of options we came to the conclusion it was not going to work. The builder tasked us with coming up with a design to compliment his room with another stove other than the large insert. We used our technical design team to draw up plans for a Morso 7948 free standing stove to go just in front and to the right of the feature wall. He loved the design and decided to go ahead with it hoping the finished installation looked as good in reality as it did in the drawings. The installation team set about creating the design, by the end of the first day the installation was complete and the customer was completely over the moon with it. We are sure you will agree from the pics that it looks simply stunning and really compliments the rest of the room as we were originally challenged. First of all, we installed a frosted glass hearth but after a brief conversation, we decided to swap the hearth for a black glass one and instantly we knew we had made the right decision.


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