New internal block Chimney Breast with Morso S80-90 insert stove

Project Summary

  • Morso S80-90 Cassette Stove

  • Bramham clear glass hearth with gentle curved corners

  • Twin Wall Flue System 6 inch

  • Chimney Breast with a tv chamber and centre speaker chamber


Our clients came into the showroom just before Christmas wanting to change their existing traditional free standing stove with twin wall flue system to a full block built internal chimney stack with insert stove. They required a space above the insert stove to allow a 54-inch television to be inserted into a recess to make flush with the chimney breast and stove door, above the television, they required another space for a 22-inch centre speaker. They required the work to be carried out urgently as they were going away travelling and wanted the chimney breast built the first week of the New year so the flooring and the rest of the building work in the house could be carried out once the stack was built. All in time before they left to go travelling.

The Firehouse construction team got to work the first day back of the New Year with the building of the block chimney stack. By the end of day one the stack was near completion and required plastering. Next, the engineer went attended and installed the flashing on the roof and twin wall flue system through the ceiling. The next stage was for the insert stove was installed. Next, the Plasterers arrive and skim the whole new chimney stack. Finally, the glass hearth is installed.
Now just the tv people to come in and install the tv and centre speaker. All wires were already chased into the wall by our construction team Customers were extremely impressed with the efficiency of the team and quality of workmanship. So much they bought the whole team a bottle of our choice of spirits. I went with the scotch. Another happy Firehouse customer


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