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For centuries, the chiminea was a domestic necessity in countries like Spain and Mexico. Made out of fired clay, it was used indoors for heating and cooking. In modern homes, they have become extremely popular for outdoor use both in summer and in winter. The design of a chiminea allows it to be used even in the rain, without the water extinguishing the fire. A well-designed modern chiminea reaches its full heat within 15 minutes, and the fire can be controlled like in all high-end fire pits and stoves. Firehouse is your one-stop-shop for the best selection of superior quality contemporary and traditional chimineas and other outdoor heating and accessories. Innovative copper, cast iron, cast aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel chimineas, ranging from traditional designs to modern masterpieces, have replaced old-fashioned clay models. Now you can safely and effectively heat up your patio or favourite spot in the garden, with one of the leading brands in chimineas, such as GardenmaxX and Happy Cocooning. Wood remains the most commonly used fuel for chimineas, although pressure-treated lumber is not recommended and we do stock unique wood logs. Aromatic woods like cedar, hickory, mesquite or pinon wood are popular choices, also for their insect repellent qualities. Charcoal and ethanol can be used in some types of chimenea, and several propane gas models are also available. Browse our extensive range of chimineas, or contact us. Our staff are standing by with expert advice to help you decide among the wide variety of choices. Our range covers several styles, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us. Plus, we have different tools, fire logs, gloves and accessories to maintain your chiminea and help you keep it burning brightly.

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