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RB73 – Quaruba XXL Mobile – Weathered Outdoor Wood Stove and Heater

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Enjoying beautiful moments outdoors throughout the year. There are often beautiful days when an outdoor fireplace can be used to give that much-needed warmth and atmosphere on your terrace. The fires have glass-fronted doors, so you do not suffer from smoke, ash or sparks on the patio. The CorTen steel gives the stove a robust appearance and long life. The rusting process is different for each fireplace, and therefore, every fireplace is unique. The Quaruba XXL mobile is a stylish wood stove with an elegant appearance and is designed for outdoor use. This rectangular-shaped terrace stove has a unique modular construction and is therefore assembled as desired with 1 to 4 glass-fronted door panels. The door latch is located between the door panel and the right leg. This version with 4-wheels is easily moved. Also, the platform for the wheels can also be used as storage for firewood.

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The Quaruba XXL is made of 3mm CorTen steel and has a flue of 2 meters, so you do not suffer from smoke on the terrace. Furthermore, it is equipped with a closed-door so no smoke, flying ash and fire sparks on the patio. It is executable with one, two, three and even four options of glass sides. Especially with this latest version, you have a beautiful view of the fire from all sides! Since there are air spoilers above each window, they remain nice clean during burning. The Quaruba has squared dimensions giving it a quirky look, and by its height of 85 cm, it is ideal for a lounge set.

Items Included:

  • Fireproof bottom stones
  • 1x flue pipe diameter 150x2mm L=1000mm
  • 1x flue pipe diameter 150x2mm L=1000mm + control valve
  • Air spoiler above the window
  • Including rain hood
  • Bottom plate with 4 wheels

Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 540 × 540 × 3100 mm


Product Type

Patio Heater

Fuel Type



Brown, Corten, Rustic



Glass Sides

1 Sided, 2 Sided, 3 Sided, 4 Sided

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