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Chesney’s designs and manufactures innovative, superior-quality wood-burning, multifuel, gas or electrically fuelled fireplaces, stoves, BBQ’s and heaters for both indoor and outdoor installation. An extensive range of accessories is produced for each of their products. Manufactured in a variety of colours and designs, the Chesney’s range also includes multipurpose stoves for outdoor heating and cooking. All Chesney’s products are eco-friendly and meet the most stringent clean-air regulations
Internationally acclaimed designers have also have developed a unique range of Chesney’s staircases, fireplace surrounds and mantelpieces in a choice of contemporary creations, antique reproductions, and unique bespoke innovations in hand-carved stone and custom metalwork.

Established in 1983, Chesney’s originally focused exclusively on antique fireplaces, but today an authentic Chesney’s fireplace, stove or BBQ’s is instantly recognised across the world by its quality, design and efficiency. For more than 40 years of astonishing international success, Chesney’s has remained true to its entrepreneurial family values of designing and manufacturing products with their clients in mind and maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and service.
Only specially selected distributors are allowed to sell, install, maintain and service Chesney’s products. Firehouse has achieved this distinction and can provide you with the entire range of Chesney’s products.

The Heat Collection

Turning Outdoor Heating Inside Out

Dual Function

The Heat & Grill and Gourmet Range are the first single appliances on the market to successfully combine an efficient outdoor heater with a barbecue.


The heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, meaning that the burn rate and heat output can be regulated by a simple control system.


The Heat range of Heater Barbecues employs the same technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves and therefore only produce a clean burn.


The Heat range allows a generous but protected view of the fire not only making it a highly atmospheric experience but reducing any need to move if the wind changes direction.


Download the Chesneys Heat Recipe Booklet

Six cooking methods to experiment with



Cook a steak in minutes with temperatures of 400?C. Rustle up some grilled fish or seafood in an instant using low temperatures with either direct or indirect heat.



Bake some bread or biscuits with the ability to maintain a constant heat and effective thermal rotation lid sealing in the heat, just like an oven.



Roast an impressive joint of beef or a chicken, adjusting the height of the grill by a simple rotation to ensure enough room for cooking with the lid down, resulting in tasty meat, staying moist for hours.



Impart the flavour of charcoal or wood by using indirect heat for a delicious smoky flavour and tender meat.

Wok Cooking

Wok Cooking

Take the wok outside and cook a sizzling stir-fry with the indirect heat of the fire.



Place a pizza stone on the grill, your choice of pizza on the stone, close the lid and achieve perfect crispness in just a few minutes. After cooking the unit will self-clean if put into heating mode.

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