Does my wood-burning stove meet the Government’s new regulations?

The Government recently announced that it will be banning the sale of all polluting fuels and will ensure that only the cleanest burning stoves may be sold after 2022. After that date stoves and appliances not meeting these requirements will be banned. At this stage it is uncertain whether a phasing-out period will be implemented.

Many people are uncertain exactly what these regulations entail and whether their existing fireplaces, heating stoves, BBQ’s, Chimineas and firepits will be legal once the new legislation is passed. Firehouse will be publishing a number of articles to help you understand the new regulations and how to upgrade your heating, cooking and entertainment appliances, if necessary.

To put your mind at ease, not all wood-burning stoves and appliances will be banned. The leading manufacturers like Chesney’s, Morso, Stovax, Rocal, Outdoor Chef and GardenmaxX have done an immense amount of research, particularly in the past decade, and using the latest technology, have actively developed closed combustion stoves, BBQ’s Chimineas, closed-combustion fireplaces and even firepits that by far exceed the new emission standards. Most of their products offer large ceramic glass doors and windows for a perfect view of the flames, while the clean-burn and airwash technology make it easy to keep these windows clean and air controls will let you effectively regulate the heat and flames. The technology that has been developed, reduces emissions from the stove by re-igniting and burning off any harmful particulates that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. The top-quality wood burning stoves also boast heat output exceeding 80% and in some cases even above 90%.

However, most of the older stoves built and sold, even 10 years ago, do not meet the emission requirements. Many of the cheaper stoves sold in the last decade also fall short of the new standards and will need to be upgraded.

Another very important factor to meet the latest clean air regulations and UK building regulations, is the correct flue and chimney system that further reduces pollution. The flue is the working part of the chimney, which safely carries the particles and gases produced by combustion away from the room in which the stove is housed, to the atmosphere. A flue works under negative pressure, drawing the product of combustion from the appliance. Flues and chimneys have to be cleaned regularly (at least once a season) to prevent build-up of contaminants that may catch fire or cause pollution.

Some suppliers of wood burning stoves advise clients to install special filters in the chimney. While this might reduce emissions to some extent, Firehouse does not recommend that, as it is not cost-effective, have only limited efficiency and are labour intensive to keep clean.

What do I do to find out if my stove is compliant and whether I need to upgrade?

The best thing you can do is to contact a heating specialist from one of the reputable companies near you to inspect your stove or other wood burning appliances and to advise you on your best options.

Firehouse sells, installs and maintains only the finest indoor and outdoor stoves from all the major manufacturers that surpass all the requirements of the Government’s 25-year plan for cleaner air. You have the choice of wood burning stoves, gas, electricity and even multi-fuelled stoves in a variety of colours, designs and styles. The range also includes multipurpose stoves for outdoor heating and cooking.

Firehouse’s range of high-technology wood burning stoves offer an eco-friendly, pleasant and cost-effective method of heating your home. They are much easier to start and clean than even a decade ago and they heat your home with much greater efficiency.

Our premier quality wood burning stoves combine the latest technology with the beauty of a well-designed stove, to let you enjoy singular ambience of fires, without polluting the air or putting your family at risk. These are all highly energy-efficient, clean-burning stoves that look attractive and add cosiness, warmth and style to your home.

Please also read our article on how new legislation will affect the fuels you are permitted to use.

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