Bespoke Stone Fireplace with a Dovre 2700

Project Summary

  • Hand Picked and Dressed Lakeland Surround & Chimney Breast

  • Dovre 2700 Inset Stove
  • Bespoke Slate Hearth & Lintel


The hotel was newly refurbished following flooding. The client and their interior designer wanted a warm and cosy feel to the front entrance of the hotel. A beautiful traditional exterior feel to the fireplace was a good fit and the Dovre 2700 offers the functionality of an open fire & the efficiency of a stove.

We have done a variety of similar stone fireplace projects over the years and designed stone surrounds that complement the room. One of the largest obstacles on this project was the size of the fireplace needed to have a noticeable presence. The design required the fireplace to stretch the full height of the room, requiring a substantial frame and support to the stonewalling. Our highly experienced stone masons did a fantastic job hand picking the materials from the quarry and dressing it to suit the fireplace.

The end result was a stunning feature fireplace that complemented this beautiful location. Our clients could not have been happier with the final result!

Bespoke Fireplaces

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We offer a wide range of completely unique fireplace designs as well as providing a bespoke service to suit your requirements. Much of our stone is sourced locally and cut to measure in our sister company’s state-of-the-art factory in Kendal, Bluestone.