Northern Lights Ofuro Wooden Hot Tub (2 Person) – Wood Fired Heater

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Ofuro Soaking Tubs originate from Japan where bathing is not just a bath but rather a spiritual ritual. The Ofuro bathing practice differs from North American and European bath tubs, Ofuro bath tubs are ‘zen’ like providing a sensual pleasure and a feeling of well-being and harmony with the natural surroundings, perhaps in a garden or spiritual landscape. Japanese bath tubs help to restore mental and spiritual well-being by providing a private relaxation space, and they promote good health by stimulating circulation.

The mechanics of an Ofuro Tub require a deep chin down soak which means the tub is a deeper tub than normal bath tubs. Traditionally Japanese soak in very hot water heated by means of a quiet non-electrical Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters. The thick cedar construction of our Ofuro’s means that the tub will maintain its heat much longer than a regular tub. Our Hot Tubs are made of clear Western Red Cedar which is a close cousin to the traditional cypress wood used in Japan. Red Cedar has the distinct advantage of being naturally resilient to decay and bacteria. It also is known for its high insulating value. The pleasant aromatherapy of cedar heightens the experience! Our tubs use an architectural stainless steel strap system which allows the tub to naturally expand and contract with out worrying about the wood splitting.


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The Ofuro Wood Fired Hot Tub

This package is designed for freestanding/stand-alone hot tubs. We have included the cedar steps, wood-fired heater and cover.

Exclusivity personified
Stretch out in the unique oval barrel and drift away from all the everyday stresses. The Ofuro is big enough and deep enough to share this exquisite experience with your partner.

Crafted from the finest solid Red Cedar Wood, the Ofuro Hot Tub draws its inspiration from Japanese zen-like physical and spiritual relaxation and being at harmony with nature. The Ofuro Hot Tub is constructed differently, and looks different, from any other hot tub or spa you have ever seen. An Ofuro experience makes it easy to understand why hot soaking is more of a spiritual ritual in the oriental world. The Ofuro is perfectly at home in a manicured garden, Japanese garden, landscaped grounds, or personally designed space indoors or outdoors. An Ofuro Hot Tub was specially conceived for those who work hard and want to pamper themselves with unsurpassed luxury and exclusivity in their own private retreat, to daily restore mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

What makes an Ofuro Hot Tub Unique?
Traditionally, oriental bathing takes place in very hot deeper water, heated by means of a quiet heat source, originally wood-fired heaters. The shapes and depth of an Ofuro tub have been specially designed to allow a deep chin soak in hot water and the thick cedar wood ensures that it warms up quickly and maintains its heat for much longer than in any other material or shape of hot tub or spa. These qualities combine to make an Orufo Hot Tob truly unique. For starters, the Ofuro is manufactured from Western Red Cedar Wood. It is naturally resilient to decay and the wood itself contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, actively killing bacteria and fungi. The pleasant aromatic flavour enhances the natural therapy of bathing in an Orufo Hot Tub! Red Cedar wood is renowned for its high insulating value and resistance to water, extreme temperatures and sunlight. The water heats up much quicker in the cedar wood tub and retains its heat for much longer. The unique architectural design, using a stainless-steel strap system to hold together the wood staves in either an oval or circular barrel shape, allows the tub to naturally expand and contract without worrying about the tub leaking or the wood warping or splitting. The Ofuro Hot Tub is deeper than any other design. With an inside depth of 650 mm and outside depth of 750mm, you can fully immerse your body in the hot tub. The tub is fitted with a floor drain.

Wood Fired Heater for Ofuro Hot Tub Heating
If you want to stick to the ritual of wood-fired heating, Firehouse offers you our energy effective Timberline wood-fired heater. You may supplement the wood heater with an electric heater or propane gas heater for greater versatility, please contact our sales team for further information

Accessories to Complete the Picture
Firehouse keeps an entire range of useful accessories to enhance your Ofuro Hot Tub for even greater comfort and enjoyment. You may add cedar wood stairs to easily and safely access your hot tub. Cedar shelving not only makes the hot tub look more attractive and finished-off, it is also a handy place to put you refreshing drinks or other things you may require while relaxing in your hot tub. A specially designed cover will protect your investment, keep dirt out, and keep the heat in if you want to leave the tub for a short while.

Additional information

Dimensions 1750 × 900 × 760 mm

Northern Lights

Hot Tub Sizes

2 Person

No of Jets

No Jets

Whats Included?

This wood fired package is designed for a stand-alone design and includes the following:

  • Northern Lights Ofuro Cedar Wood Hot Tub (2 Person)
    • 40mm thick A Grade Clear Western Red Cedar Hot Tub (1750mm x 900mm x 760mm Tall)
    • 50mm Stainless Steel Straps
    • 4” thick marine-grade vinyl cover with locks
  • Wood Fired Heater
    • Timberline 35000 BTU Wood Fired Heater
  • Water Treatment & Filtration System
    • Complete starter chemical kit
  • Cedarwood Accessories
    • Custom cedar steps

Assembly and Installation:
This package is on a supply only basis and requires assembly. As part of the package, we supply a comprehensive Northern Lights owner’s manual that will step by step guide you through the pre-site requirements, assembly, installation, and maintenance of your hot tub. We do also offer assembly, installation and maintenance services. For more information or to get a quotation please contact our support team on 01539766888.

Why Cedar Wood?

Cedar is stunning, aromatic, antimicrobial, and adds value to your home, not to mention offers a naturally soothing experience. Western Red Cedar is suitable for all kinds of designs, both classic and modern. Its rich, warm colours have a soothing effect and ensure that it blends seamlessly with any environment.


Strength & Resistance
Western Red Cedar is one of the few species that can naturally withstand all types of weather. It can withstand the most extreme climates for decades. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insects makes it the ideal choice for structures that are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, heat and cold, year after year.

Western Red Cedar has very high thermal properties, which is, of course, an important feature for hot tubs and saunas!

Western Red Cedar is a fast-growing and sustainably managed timber. Indeed, its total forest area has increased by over 20% since the 1970s.

Natural materials are essential for a completely restful experience. The Red Cedar of which all Northern Lights
hot tubs are manufactured is not an endangered wood species and is being sustainably managed. That means that your comfort and your respect for the environment go hand in hand. The aromatic smell of cedar coupled with a relaxing
soak and therapeutic massage will provide you with a unique and relaxing experience.

Water Treatment

Northern Lights Full Chemical Water Treatment Kit

APPROVED FOR WOODEN HOT TUBS!  – This Water Treatment  Kit includes everything a 1st-time user will need to maintain clear, perfect water! Included sanitizers, oxidizers, water balancing, and filtering enhancement products. The most comprehensive water treatment kit in the business!

Chemical Treatment Kit Includes:

  • 0.75 Kg Bromine Tablets
  • 1L Mineral-Aid
  • 1Kg Oxy Pur
  • 750 g Alka Rise
  • 750 g Cal-Rise
  • 750 g pH Booster
  • 1 kg pH Reducer
  • 500 ml Sea Blue
  • 500 ml Anti Foam
  • 500 ml Nature Pur
  • Deluxe Floating Dispenser
  • Aqua Check Red test Strips (50 strips)
  • 500 ml Prevent II water conditioner


Upgrades & Additional Features

Additional Upgrades are available as special orders:

  • Insulated Flooring for the Hot tub
  • Upgraded 5″ R21 Insulated Cover
  • Electrical Pump, Filter and water circulation kit
  • Balboa Electric Spa System and Heater

Please note the above upgrades are at additional costs and can increase the lead time, please contact our customer service team for further details and costs.

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