Kamado Joe v Big Green Egg – a comparison

Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg are the brand names for two of the top ceramic kamado grills. Their egg-shaped bodies are manufactured from top-quality ceramics, designed to reflect heat of up to 650 °C and to contain the heat by using two draft doors, one at the bottom and another at the top. The bottom draft door slides horizontally creating more or less air flow. This works in conjunction with the top draft door, that swivels left and right, creating more or less updraft, and in turn adjusting the temperature used in the cook.

Lump wood charcoal is recommended to fire both these grills because alternatives such as charcoal briquettes generate a lot more ash and many of them contain additives that can affect the taste of the food.

The distinctive cherry-red Kamado Joe is distinguished by its unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, choice of models and accessories. Kamado Joe continues to modernize their original model with even smarter features, innovative accessories and a range of flexible cooking surfaces.

The distinctive Big Green Egg pioneered modern kamado-style grills in 1974. Together with the Kamado Joe, it represents the pinnacle of kamado-style grills, with superb build quality and superlative cooking.

Top Features Kamado Joe Big Green Egg
Reputation Founded 2009.
Rated best grill by SmokedBBQ for 2021
Long track record. Currently biggest producer. Founded in 1974.
Branded as a favourite of Michelin Star restaurants.
Headquarters Atlanta Georgia, USA Atlanta Georgia, USA
Distinctive feature
(All models)
Emphasis on innovation and build quality

Multilevel “divide and conquer” 2-zone & 3-tier cooking system, which allows you to cook different foods on different surfaces at different temperatures. Not only does this make the unit more versatile, it also doubles the cooking area.

Distinctive cherry-red egg shape

Pioneered modern kamado-style grills in 1974, with constant development and upgrades.
Distinctive green egg-shape.
Special features Air-lift hinge that reduces the weight of the dome by 96%
Redesigned double thick wire mesh fibreglass gasket and
Six-piece ceramic firebox design, with reduced risk of breakage.
Patented removable SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber to improve heat and smoke distribution.
half-moon heat deflector, to partially block off heat
Patented Easy to clean, slide-out ash drawer
Cast-iron cart
Locking wheels
Everything you need to smoke and grill comes with the unit so you don’t need to pay extra for accessories, including
stand with wheels,
flip upside tables,
slide out ash drawer,
grill gripper
ash tool,
Plenty of optional add-ons for the Kamado Joe, including the
“JoeTisserie” (durable cast-aluminium rotisserie that sits inside the body)
cast-iron Dutch oven that turns Kamado Joe into a chilli-making machine
stainless steel table
iKamand to add WiFi connectivity to your smoker.
Springs on the hinges

Standard gasket

One-piece Ceramic firebox

Stand, wheels, tables, tools, etc must be bought separately.
Includes hardware and interior components including the stainless steel cooking grid and high-quality external temperature gauge.

Optional add-ons:
Egg genius (controls the temperature via smartphone, tablet, or computer.)
Eggspander (expands cooking surface)

Warranty Lifetime warranty on the ceramic components including the dome, base, damper top, firebox, and fire ring.
Different levels offered for different parts.
5 yrs on metal parts,
3 yrs on heat deflector
1 year on the thermometer and gaskets.
Limited lifetime warranty on ceramic components, including the dome, base, damper top, firebox, and fire ring.
Different warranty periods for different materials. 
metal components: 5 yrs
ceramic add-ons, such as the plate setter and pizza stones: 3 yrs
1 year on thermometer and gaskets.
Cooking ability Superb, with more options Superb
Versatility At once a BBQ, Dutch oven, outdoor oven, pizza oven and smoker. Many more features At once a braai, an outdoor oven, a pizza oven and a smoker
Distribution Authorised dealers in-store and online Authorised dealers in-store and online
Build quality Ceramic shell Outstanding ceramic shell quality
Not much difference in thickness or quality of ceramics
Outstanding ceramic shell quality
NASA engineered ceramic body
Build quality components, moving parts and accessories Moving parts and accessories superior build quality
The stand and wheel locks are made from thicker heavy-duty galvanised steel and are welded together
Excellent build quality
BGE stand is screwed together
Country of manufacture China Mexico
Working parts Significantly better quality than BGE Excellent
Gasket Wire mesh Fibreglass Standard
Support and Community Very good reputation for providing reliable customer service. Very good reputation for providing reliable customer service.
Having been in business for longer, BGE has built up a grassroots fan base on their Egg Head forum to offer cooking tips, maintenance advice, etc
(External diameter and diameter cooking surface)
Classic (60cm, 46cm)
Classic II (60cm, 46cm – expands to 1676 cm2)
Classic III (60cm, 46cm)
Big Joe II (63cm, 61cm)
Big Joe III (63cm, 61cm)
ProJoe (55cm, 61,cm)
Joe Junior (28cm, 34cm)
MiniMax (56cm, 33cm)
Medium Big (46cm, 38 cm)
Large Big (69cm, 46cm)
XL Big (82cm, 61cm)
2XL Big (88cm, 74cm)

(Features vary on different models.) Comparisons based on the Classic III and the BGE Large