Can you cook the perfect Christmas Turkey on a Chesney’s Heat and Grill?

Chesney’s Heat & Grill is a dual purpose high-performance wood-burning grill and heater that lets you enjoy a spectacular Christmas turkey feast with the minimum fuss and bother. The advanced eco-friendly Clean Burn technology allows you to effortlessly control the heat to roast your turkey at exactly the right temperature, with smoke emission far below the most stringent clean air demands and the Heat & Grill can be used in any town or city in the UK.

The ideal Christmas turkey is moist and tender on the inside, enveloped in a golden-brown crispy skin. This is hard to achieve in a conventional oven and roasting pan and invariably there are pale parts under the wings and other parts where the heat does not remain consistent. Chesney’s Heat & Grill solves this problem with indirect convection heat that cooks the turkey evenly on all sides, without the need to turn it over and because the hot air circulates around the turkey, those hard-to-reach places receive the same treatment as the upper parts. For even better results, it is recommended you put the baking stones (used for making pizza) in position to take advantage of the extra heat they radiate.

The Heat & Grill is big enough to cook a large turkey and by using the multi-tiered racks, you can cook your side dishes – or more than one turkey if you prefer separate cuts – at the same time. Don’t forget, you can also smoke your turkey in the Heat & Grill; and for side dishes, you can bake a pie or loaf of bread, roast your veggies, bake a pudding or even make the perfect pizza. By switching from indirect heat to direct heat, you can sizzle a steak or rack of ribs at very high heat for the really hungry folks, or the next day when everybody is hungry again!

The beautiful design of the Heat & Grill adds to your Christmas cheer, with a unique benefit – the heater below the grill will keep you and your guests warm while celebrating and smelling the divine odours of your scrumptious Christmas dinner being roasted to perfection. By simply sliding the patented Heat Shield behind the glass door, you can stand right in front of the grill doing all the necessary preparations and when you have done, slide it away with the flick of a switch and all your guests can enjoy the dancing flames.

A single control lever gives you perfect control to revel in the warmth of the fire, from a gentle flame to a roaring fire that keeps you cosy even on the coldest Christmas day. What is more, your Heat & Grill is equally at home in your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, so if it is too cold outside even with the heater, move it to the patio, balcony or outdoor kitchen.

Using kiln dried logs or fine grade charcoal, you can cook your entire Christmas dinner and enjoy the meal in the warm and cosy atmosphere with very little fuel. Remember how hungry one normally feels the next day? Your Heat & Grill is ready and waiting to cook your pizza, sausages or have a full-blown barbeque.



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Turkey Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash