Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 RSIB Gas BBQ

If you want to entertain your whole family and circle of friends with steakhouse perfection and want a luxurious BBQ with all the bells and whistles, the Napoleon Prestige Pro RSIB truly lives up to its illustrious name.

The Napoleon brand has become synonymous with superior quality and features. In building the Prestige Pro 500 they have gone the extra mile to set the standard for a complete cooking experience on a professional grill. One would expect to pay a lot more for a BBQ of this size, quality and features.

This imposing sleek design with its smooth edges, calls out for your attention and will hold it, with the first impression of premium quality and luxury. The entire BBQ body is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel with chrome details for that added touch of luxury.



Achieve ultimate steakhouse perfection by creating a
caramelised crust that seals in the juices

Looking at the outside: The LED Spectrum NIGHT LIGHT™ Control Knobs with almost limitless colour and brightness options not only enhance the feel of luxury, it is also an added safety feature, with SafetyGlow red lights warning you the gas has been left on. The cooking area and storage areas are illuminated so you can see exactly what you are doing and for working safely in the dark, with the added feature of the Proximity Lighting Display, which lights up when you approach the Prestige Pro in the dark. The heavy-duty Accu-Probe temperature gauge lets you set the perfect temperature inside even before you start cooking and helps you attain the perfect results.



Change color and brightness of the NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs
to any color in the spectrum or set it to cycle, SafetyGlow still included

The enormous cooking area and super-sized warming rack of more than 4900 cm2 ( 3226 cm2 cooking and 1677 cm2 warming) are larger than most other grills, with four powerful main burners, an infrared rotisserie-style rear burner and high-heat infrared side burner, providing an impressive 80 000 BTU’s of cooking power, with the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen for maximum efficiency and heat distribution. Dual level stainless-steel searing plates at the back expands the options even further.

The cutting board across the sizzle zone and detachable stainless-steel searing plates at the back make it a breeze to achieve a complete cooking experience, from spit-roasting to searing, caramelizing steaks and hibachi-style cooking. Soft-closing doors neatly conceal and protect any equipment placed in the spacious storage area. While cooking, your utensils and tools are always at hand on the hooks along the side or on the large storage shelves. The nifty drip tray can easily be detached to quickly get rid of unwanted grease, juices and moisture.

The roll top convection lid uses centre-gravity to open and close with minimum effort and will keep in the heat for kamado style cooking. Its design means that it does not take up additional space when open, so that it can be pushed right up against a wall and can be used in areas with limited space as well. Four sturdy casters make it easy to move the Prestige Pro to the exact spot you want it, even during cooking if the need arises.

Ever heard of a built-in bottle opener and ice bucket in your BBQ? Well, the Prestige Pro will delight you with these stunning features.

The luxury and premium quality are continued on the inside with long-life stainless steel burners and an amazing 9.5mm stainless steel Iconic WaveTM cooking grids with its distinctive grill marks for the perfect steakhouse sear on the high-heat infrared side burner.

The innovative JETFIRE™ Ignition system shoots a flame jet to light each gas burner individually for quick and secure start-ups. Should any of the burners go out for whatever reason, they will relight automatically by means of cross-lighting brackets for complete safety.

With an amazing lifetime warranty it is the perfect Gas BBQ which even offers an optional charcoal tray for greater versatility.  



Infrared heat from the rotisserie burner is perfect
for high heat searing and slow spit roasting

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