Firehouse is a leading supplier and installer of Stovax & Gazco stoves, the largest manufacturer of heating stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Our relationship of mutual trust has developed over a period of many years, during which Firehouse has sold, installed and maintained the top brands manufactured by Stovax & Gazco.


Wood is already being accepted as an economic, renewable and carbon neutral energy source, because of the depletion of fossil fuels and increases in fuel costs. Stovax stoves and fires are highly efficient, meaning they will continue to provide ‘green’ heating for the 21st Century. The company prides itself on committing to researching alternative technologies that will provide clean heating in the years ahead.

“Innovative firebox design ensures extraordinary cleanliness of burn, with most models satisfying both smoke control restrictions
and Ecodesign air quality standards.”

Gazco are continuing to make advancements in the development of high efficiency gas fire technology and highly realistic flame-effect electric fires, which is helping to keep them at the forefront of the market. This effort is being supported in 2018 with the arrival of new, innovative products.


The Stovax Heating Group is part of the NIBE Stoves group, an international market-leader, manufacturing and distributing domestic heating products in the UK, Europe and 25 other countries worldwide.

Stovax Ltd, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood burning stoves, fireplaces and fires, exporting worldwide, is a UK company which was established in 1981. Based in Exeter, England, it designs, manufactures and distributes wood burning stoves and fireside accessories.

Gazco Ltd, its sister company was formed in 1988 to develop and produce gas and electric versions of Stovax stoves, thus expanding the range.
The range was further extended in 2006, with the purchase of Yeoman, a long-established manufacturer of wood burning stoves that specialises in more rustic, rural styling wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fires.
Each of the heating products produced under the three separate brand names represents the best of British engineering, design and craftsmanship

Visual Appeal

Stovax & Gazco wood burning and multi fuel stoves create an alluring setting for a comfortable evening with friends or family.
Expertly crafted in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from antique and gothic, right through to ultra-modern, these clean-burning, heat-efficient stoves offer the best of both worlds: traditional wood burning, or multi fuel stoves for the greatest flexibility, convenience, atmosphere and visual appeal.

Heat Efficiency

The fuel in a heating stove, albeit wood, gas or other fuel, produces a certain amount of heat, expressed as input in Kw. The efficiency of a heating stove is measured in terms of the percentage of that heat which is retained and distributed in your home, expressed as heat output in Kw. Stovax stoves retain and distribute up to 87% of the heat, compared to less than 10% in an open fireplace. Stove stoves are designed not only to give off heat, but also to protect the immediate area surrounding your stove.

Choosing the right size stove

When choosing a stove, there are many factors to consider in addition to the size of the room which has to be heated. Experts at Firehouse will guide you to choose the right size stove (measured in Kw) to heat your room and your home to the most comfortable temperature, of approximately 21 degrees Celsius.

Quality Guaranteed

Any Stovax product purchased outside the expert distribution network, such as Firehouse, carries a warranty of 12 months. If purchased and installed by our experts, the warranty is extended to five years.

EcoDesign Compliant

Stovax stoves are designed and built to keep emissions to an absolute minimum while retaining most of the heat generated by the fuel. These stoves comply with DEFRA smoke control regulations and are Ecodesign compliant as well.

Featured Stoves

Top selling free-standing stoves & inset stoves


The Stovax range of stoves are expertly crafted with up-to-date technology to keep them at the forefront of the market. Regardless of whether you choose a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel option, Stovax stoves are clean burning and highly efficient. The stoves come in different sizes, power outputs and styles, so they really do suit all rooms and living spaces.

Get inspired by expertly designed Stovax stoves and brands and have a look through the brochures to the right to view their solid fuel and wood burning stoves.

Firehouse can supply & install any of the models from the Stovax range.


Gazco gas & electric stoves will certainly create a centrepiece in your home. They have been inspired by their solid fuel counterparts, with models available in both a range of sizes and fuel effects.

Gazco stoves are highly efficient and can be bought with manual control or upgraded to a remote-control version, which will give you maximum enjoyment without having to move from the comfort of your sofa!


The very heart of the Reflex’s design, the flame visuals have been meticulously crafted to mimic a real wood burning fire. Featuring three carefully positioned dual burners, flames dance and flow amongst the logs and can be set to either front only or front and rear flames, with either setting independently adjustable and infinitely variable. Whether you’re in the mood for a lazy fire or a dramatic blaze, you choose the atmosphere you desire. Ensuring a crystal-clear flame view, the Reflex features non-reflective glass for a flawless, open-fire aesthetic.

The natural beauty of burning wood logs is one of the most charming elements of a wood fire. Expert crafting techniques combined with cutting-edge technology makes the Reflex’s log-effect fuel bed indiscernible from natural logs – ensuring every minute detail of the wood’s texture and grain is captured. Concealing the innovative dual burner system, the ultra-realistic log-effect ensures an eye-catching centrepiece

Wood Burning, Gas and Electric Stoves

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