Kendal Rugby Club, Beauty and tradition with a Chesney’s Shipton 8

Project Summary

  • Chesney’s Shipton 8 multi fuel

  • 6 inch Twin Wall Flue System

  • Premium Black Granite Hearth


We were approached by an interior designer who was acting on behalf of Kendal Rugby Club. The club was in the middle of a multi-million build of their new ground and clubhouse and was up against difficult time scales to meet the relocation deadlines for the upcoming season.

They wanted something special for the new club room and tasked Firehouse with the job of working with the interior designer to come up with a fantastic look for their new club room. They wanted to create a beautiful modern space that would reflect their history and style. We knew straight away that the Chensey’s Shipton 8 was the right stove. The room was relatively large, and the heat output needed to be adequate for this size of the room. Also, the stove was situated on one side of the room, and we knew that the heat needed to be circulated around the room adequately. Chesney’s stoves do this well. The rugby club and the interior designer were very impressed with our fast installation and customer service.


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