Chesney’s offer a substantial range of sophisticated, attractive and highly energy efficient wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves all designed to enhance your home. They are one of the leading UK suppliers of stoves and specialise in contemporary, traditional and antique designed fireplaces.


Chesney’s have been creating hand carved fire surrounds for the past quarter of a century. Their quality has resulted in them becoming recognised as being among the very best in the world. This reputation has been achieved and maintained by the commitment to the finest craftsmanship, highest quality and integrity of design.

Chesney’s are constantly researching and developing their designs and ideas, and are now manufacturing a unique range of wood burning stoves that use only the best and latest technology, allowing them to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency but with minimal emissions.

A Chesney’s stove is more than just a heating appliance. This has been achieved through designing and producing a range of stoves that incorporate traditional and contemporary styles, which not only look great but display a degree of sophistication and class.

Firehouse are proud to be an exclusive dealership for Chesney’s in the North West of England.


The HEAT collection changes the way we use the outdoors. After cooking the perfect meal it makes it possible to relax outside in comfort and warmth and enjoy the cosy atmosphere provided by natural firelight.  The four models in the HEAT collection all offer the same unique functionality – an easy to use and versatile cooking experience combined with a beautiful and effective way to stay warm outside when the temperature drops.

The largest model, the HEAT 700, has sufficient cooking area to cater comfortably for an extended party, whilst the smallest in the range, the HEAT 400, with its stunning cantilevered design, will fit easily on a small patio, garden or roof terrace. All will deliver a beautiful radiant heat using Chesney’s award winning wood burning technology.


Before starting work on the HEAT collection we had already developed the technology in our stove range to produce a wood burning outdoor heater that would be efficient, clean and beautiful to look at.

Our challenge was to ensure that the same appliance could also provide an outstanding barbecuing and cooking experience. It needed to have a versatility and functionality that would appeal to the ambitious outdoor chef as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast.

We have designed an appliance that ticks all these boxes and which we believe is not only the best barbecue on the market but also offers a unique outdoor heating solution, which is both effective and atmospheric.

So whether you’re a candidate for Masterchef or just want to make sure your sausages, steak and burgers are cooked to a turn, our HEAT collection is for you. And that’s before you enjoy a well-deserved rest relaxing in the warm glow of the fire.

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