Outdoor Heating, Stoves and Patio Heaters
When day turns to night and temperature drops, you don’t have to be cooped up inside. Outdoor heaters and patio heaters are an affordable, convenient and easy way to make the most of your evenings with your friends and family in the garden or on the patio or deck.  They come in many shapes, sizes and designs and fuel options. They can be wood-fired, or use LP gas or propane gas, or they can heat up with electric elements. Patio Heaters transfer electromagnetic radiant heat which travels through the air to keep you warm and comfortable. Also known as thermal radiation, radiant heat exchanges energy by photons and does not require a medium such as air or water in which it generates. This is very different from space heaters that blow hot air, which will dissipate into the air between you and the heater. It is also very different from convection and conduction heat, which can only be transferred by heating the molecules around it in a chain reaction from one to the next.


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