Jotul Froya outdoor chiminea wood stove

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The Jøtul Froya is a stylish patio chiminea with a low fireplace for an authentic camp fire feeling. Designed to make your outdoor space even more inviting. Made from Corten steel, the fireplace can be left outside all year round.

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  • The fireplace should be installed on a non-flammable material.
  • Can be left outside all year long so no cover needed
  • Natural oxidising process that creates the protection

The Jøtul Froya chiminea is a space-age version of the 17th century potbellied stove. Everything, from the stylish design to the wood-burning technology and innovative materials, has been created to maximise your outdoor experience on colder days and nights and prolong your summers.

The Jøtul Froya is a super-efficient wood-burning patio heater and outdoor fireplace that recreates an authentic campfire-atmosphere, but with great flair and safety. Crafted from top-quality Corten steel, the Froya can be left outside in all weather conditions and it actually improves in appearance when it starts acquiring a rustic patina. Corten steel is a specially weathered cast-iron alloy that is impervious to weather and the rusty appearance does not compromise the integrity of the steel.

At only 15kg the Jøtul Froya chiminea is highly portable and you can move it around to your outdoor entertaining spot du jour. But do not be fooled by its size, it has enough space for a hearty fire that can warm the entire family and friends even on very cold nights. Because of the innovative design that incorporates the chimney, the Froya creates a natural draft that considerably raises the temperature of the fire with small amounts of wood while channelling any smoke away from your seating area. The steel body also retains and radiates the heat in all directions so you can enjoy the low, open fire or gather all around the chiminea as you would with a traditional campfire, but with much more efficient heat output and distribution, creating the ideal ambience for a cosy winter’s evening, still giving off heat long after the fire has gone out.

The Jøtul Froya chiminea has been designed for compact areas such as patios, decks, balconies and intimate entertainment areas to instantly become the centre of attention, even when not lit, and you can arrange your outdoor seating with the handsome chiminea as an ornamental focal point. The Froya chiminea is simultaneously a small oven that doubles up as a barbecue and bread or pizza oven while you gather in front of the fire.

Accessories include charming fire screens and a special base plate is available that can be placed under the Terrazza chiminea to protect vulnerable surfaces from the heat. Flat packs that easily fit into the back of your car can be assembled in under 30 minutes, even if you have five thumbs.

The Jøtul Froya chiminea is built in the UK, Europe and USA. The mother company is in Norway, where they understand the need to optimise outdoor time and have perfected ways to prolong sunny moments. Jøtul products have built a solid reputation for the best craftsmanship and materials. A large range of Jøtul wood- and pellet-burning stoves and heating appliances, as well as a range of gas heating appliances are available from the Firehouse.

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Weight 15 kg
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Patio Heater

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Brown, Corten, Rustic

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