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Aspiring interior decorators swoon over the elegant design, choice of coloured finishes, and stylish details including single and double door options. Yes, the Herald 4 has plenty of character, but don’t be too distracted by its good looks. Choose the Herald 4 for its efficiency, its capacity, and its convenience. It provides a heat output of 6kW and the Cleanburn technology means the heat is directed into your room, not your atmosphere.

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If you want all the options in one high-performance stove, the Hunter Herald 4 Multi-fuel stove is just what you are looking for. This strikingly beautiful heating stove can burn a large variety of smokeless fuels and you can select the style to suit your taste and décor. You have the choice of double or single doors that are either plain or crossed; you can choose a flat top model; high or low canopy; top or rear exit flue pipe for installation anywhere in the room; matt black or colour tones; short or long legs. Whatever elegant style you choose, under the “bonnet” is where the real difference lies!

The Hunter Herald 4 is a slimline clean-burn stove that is powerful enough to heat a large room with an output of up to 6 kW. Boasting the most advanced Triple Burn Technology for complete and efficient fuel combustion, you are assured of optimum heat without harmful smoke emissions if the correct fuel is used. Three separate, but interacting airflow systems ensure that every last bit of fuel is burnt, for the greatest fuel efficiency and maximum heat. Each of the three types of airflow plays a different role in creating the most efficient heat and for clean emissions.

The primary combustion air is drawn from outside the house through strategically placed vents under the fuel bed to ignite the fuel and get the stove up to operational temperature without depleting the oxygen levels in the room. Heated secondary combustion air is drawn through passageways and vents above the door to reignite unburnt gases and particles left in the smoke and tertiary combustion air is fed into the combustion chamber through more passageways and vents in the back for yet another combustion process to maximise the heat and minimise emissions.

The innovative air-wash technology draws the secondary combustion air across the glass door to also keep it clean and give you an unimpeded view of the flames. The temperature and fuel consumption can be regulated by means of controlling the airflow through the various vents with simple and easy-to-use controls.

The Hunter Herald 4 has been engineered to make the most of a large variety of smokeless solid fuels. The design creates a controlled environment for effective and complete combustion, including an internal lining and raised grate system, allowing airflow through the fuel and easy removal of ash to keep the air flowing freely.

When burning wood, it is important to use well-seasoned hardwood like oak, beech, birch or fruit trees, with a moisture level below 20%. Wet wood and softwoods contain resins that cause a lot of smoke, soot and creosote that foul the air and clog up the stove. You can use logs up to 11 inches long for longer burning without having to add wood. It is best to buy kiln-dried wood, but if you want to season your own wood, it is important to split the logs and stack them correctly to allow free flow of air through the logs. Protect the drying logs from rain and harsh direct sunlight.

Manufactured from top-grade cast-iron, the Herald will last for many decades if maintained properly. This is a simple process of using the correct fuel and clearing out all ash after each use and stripping the stove once a year for a thorough cleaning, vacuuming out all debris from the passageways and chambers. The chimney and flue system also have to be cleaned at least once a year, preferably by a specialist, to ensure optimum performance. The removable throat plate makes it a simple task to sweep the chimney.

At least 85% of the heat generated is retained, compared to a mere 10% in an open fireplace, and the cast-iron body will continue to give off heat long after the flames have gone out and you will enjoy your Hunter Herald for many more winters.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 397 × 460 × 550 mm

Hunter Stoves


Defra (Smoke Control Area)

Heat Output


Heat Output Range

Small (2kW to 5kW)

Flue Diameter

125mm (5 Inch)

Flue Outlet Position

Rear, Top

Fuel Type

Multi Fuel

Log Length (chamber width)




Ecodesign Ready


Door Option

Double Door, Single Door

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