Dovre Astroline 3 wood burning stove with FREE Morso Jiko and Kindwood package

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With sleek and contemporary styling, Dovre’s Astroline 3 cast iron wood burning stove not only offers you an exceptional view of the fire but also a state of the art Cleanburn combustion system. The flames can be seen from more than 180° thanks to the angled glass side panels and the large main window.

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  • All cast iron construction
  • Woodburner
  • Cleanburn and Airwash systems
  • Ecodesign Ready†
  • Nominal heat output: 8kW
  • Heat output range: 2.5 – 10kW
  • High efficiency: up to 75%
  • External Air Supply
  • Top or rear flue exit
  • Flue diameter: 150mm
  • Maximum log length: 33cm
  • Efficiency Class: A

Installation and User Instructions

The Norwegian Dovre Astroline 3 wood burning stove is a powerful heater that looks sensational in any living area. With a remarkable heat output of 8 to 10 kW, it can easily warm a large room (up to 4000 cub ft – 22 ft X 22 ft) with very little wood fuel because of its state-of-the-art combustion system, complemented by an outside air connection that reduces draughts in the room and making sure the oxygen levels are not depleted.

Manufactured from the highest grade cast iron, the Dovre Astroline 3 employs a clean-burn system with secondary combustion and an airwash system for maximum efficiency and keeping the glass clear for an unimpeded view of the fire. Cleanburn is an advanced secondary combustion system that introduces hot air into the firebox just above the fire, allowing any unburned hydrocarbons to reignite. This raises the temperature inside the firebox with no extra fuel and ensures that toxic emissions are burnt away.

The air-wash system supplies most of the air to the fire by sweeping down through a narrow slot between the glass and the fire, fuelling the fire with oxygen. The flow of air across the glass also prevents soot from sticking to the glass.

The sleek styling of the Dovre Astroline 3 complements any contemporary décor and the large angled glass side panels and front glass give you a stunning view of the flames, not only from the front. The pedestal base and option of top or rear flue exit, enables you to position the Astroline 3 almost anywhere in a room – against a wall, in a corner, or even as a centrepiece, with its connecting kit for outside air supply making installation possible even in a poorly ventilated room.

The dedicated wood burning model burns extremely efficiently and without smoke or harmful emissions if you use the correct wood fuel. Additional extras that will enhance your experience include a carbon monoxide alarm, stove pipe thermometer and Swift stove fan.

How to care for your Dovre Astroline 3 wood burning stove

The ashtray is easily removed. Discard the ash and clean the grids to ensure proper airflow.

Like all wood-burning stoves, it is advisable to strip and clean the stove thoroughly once a year if used regularly to keep it functioning at optimum efficiency. Clean the inside of the firebox by removing all ash and vacuuming out finer particles. Thoroughly clean the flue system, or get a specialist cleaner to do this for you.

Which is the right wood fuel to use?

Hardwood, such as oak, beech, birch or fruit trees is the ideal fuel for the Dovre Astroline 3 woodburning stove. It burns slowly and efficiently, without harmful emissions, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of the Astroline if seasoned properly. Softwoods or wet wood contain more moisture and resins, giving off smoke, unburnt particles and sparks and leaving soot and creosote deposits. Such wood will not meet the Government’s Clean Air Regulations.

Properly seasoned wood contains a maximum of 20% moisture. Commercially available wood fuel is dried in a kiln, but if you want to season your own wood, split the wood to dry better, stack in such a way that there is sufficient airflow, keep dry from rain or other moisture and protect from harsh sunlight and season for at least two years.

Firehouse currently offers you a total bundle in including a free Morsø Jiko and Kindwood kiln-dried logs when you buy a Dovre Astroline 3 wood-burning stove. The Morsø Jiko is an African inspired small, wood-fired stove for outdoor cooking, which you can also use as a fire pit, but also excellent for cooking in the open.

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 420 × 515 × 1140 mm



Defra (Smoke Control Area)

Heat Output


Heat Output Range

Medium (6kW to 8kW)

Flue Diameter

150mm (6 Inch)

Flue Outlet Position

Rear, Top

Fuel Type


Log Length (chamber width)




Ecodesign Ready


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