Fire Pits Tables

A Fire Pit table not only offers you the magic of outdoor heating and cooking, it does so in the most convenient way imaginable. Recessed into the centre of either a standard or custom-designed table with your choice of work surface, you can now have your friends and family comfortably seated around the fire. They can watch their food being cooked and enjoy a gastronomic delight in the mesmerising atmosphere of a fire, lighting up their smiling faces. A Fire Pit table can be small enough for two, or large enough for the whole clan. It can be a permanent fixture adorning your garden, your deck or your patio. If you prefer flexibility, it can be mobile enough to move to your favourite spot for your party and entertainment needs. As with all Firehouse Fire Pits, it can be fuelled by wood, coals, gas, or solid fuels for convenience, without ever sacrificing on the enchantment of open flames.