Many happy memories can be made around a cosy chiminea fire, big or small. Smaller, portable chimineas with carry-handles have been designed for transfer to your favourite spot on the deck, patio or garden. When not in use, they can even be placed indoors, with burning candles or subtle lighting inside to create a rustic atmosphere while entertaining in the house. Large chimineas of up to almost 1.5 metres high, with a chimney stack above it, can be placed as a centrepiece in your garden. If safety and appearance are your main concerns, then a fire contained in an attractive chiminea is the answer. Chimineas are generally safer than an open fire pit because the fire is contained within the chiminea itself, flames are directed up and out and any smoke is directed up the chimney, away from people. Chimineas also create less smoke and retain more heat than open fire pits.