Chimineas come in a vast variety of designs and sizes. Smaller ones are ideal for patios and decks, while larger ones are perfect for the garden. With the right design and chimney stack, they can even be used undercover or in covered gazebos. For greater versatility, some designs have one opening, while others have up to four openings. Some have hinged doors or grates, while others are completely open. Some combine heating, cooking, baking and BBQ functions in various combinations, so you have the widest possible choice to suit your preference and style of entertainment. You can place the garden chiminea in the centre, with guests sitting around it, or you can put it in a corner or against a backdrop with folk sitting in front of it. In fact, garden chimineas are so versatile and competitively priced, you may even choose to place more than one in your garden for greater warmth on those chilly evenings or larger gatherings! Gas fuelled chimineas can effectively be used anywhere. Larger ones are suitable for outdoor use in the garden or on the deck, while smaller ones can be used safely indoors if the necessary precautions are taken.