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Outdoor Fire Pit

There seems to be a unique part of our psyche commanding us to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature, day or night. Enough research has been done on the topic to prove this desire is linked to our physical and mental health. As little as one hour a day outdoors can significantly improve feelings of anger and anxiety and leave us feeling mellow or invigorated. British weather does not always seem terribly cooperative when it comes to the “night” part of enjoying our gardens! Firehouse has found the perfect solution to help you improve your mental health – build an outdoor Fire Pit! Not only does it make your evenings outside longer, fire itself has a proven therapeutic effect – so you are doubling up on the benefits! Just want to enjoy fellowship? Want to share a sumptuous outdoor meal? Really want to let it hang out? What better way than an outdoor Fire Pit? Contact Firehouse and relish the camaraderie of friends around an open fire.