What distinguishes Cedar Wood hot tubs from conventional plastic spa’s?

Back to nature! Before the advent of plastic, for centuries it had been the custom to build hot tubs in the same way wine and oak barrels were made. Cedar and oak had always been the wood of choice because of their exceptional natural resilience, resistance to decay and their tendency to expand when soaked, naturally sealing any leaks.

Cedar Wood Hot Tubs, revive the tradition of barrel building, combining it with the beauty and functionality of wood with the advances of modern technology to produce the finest hot tub available. The fads of the 70’s are fading and the plastic chicken has come home to roost. With a renewed awareness of sustainability and natural beauty, people are rediscovering that plastic spas are only imitations of the cedar wood hot tub and once again want the “real” thing.

What really stands out in a Cedar wood hot tub, is the ambience and aromatherapy. Hot tubs are substantially deeper, with more water and an enhanced buoyancy, allowing you to float in the water.

In terms of sustainability, it is worth noting there are a lot more adult Red Cedar Wood trees now than in 1970 and they are constantly being planted.

A Cedar Wood Hot Tub provides all the amenities of modern plastic spas, including 2-stage pumps (high and low speed), strong jets according to the size of the tub, air control valves, digital spa packs, filter systems, digital stop side controls with no risk of electrocution and overheating, and even ozone generators.

You have the choice of wood fire heating systems, modern electrical heating, or energy efficient gas heating systems. Hybrids are also available, using more than one heat source.

Cedar Wood Hot Tub or Plastic Spas?

The choice between an acrylic spa or a wooden hot tub remains a personal choice, but there are many benefits to consider.

The first consideration is aesthetics. Nothing can match the appearance of wood and the barrel-like shape of a hot tub creates a unique effect. Comfort is the next consideration. The vertical exterior walls utilize space efficiently and creates more legroom for tall bathers or a larger number of bathers. Because of its greater depth, the amount of water creates more buoyancy and thus a feeling of “lightness.” Heat efficiency is another factor to consider. Because of the smaller surface area, less heat energy is required to heat the water and less of the heat escapes from the surface.

Another factor to bear in mind is the ease of access to the premises for installation. Acrylic spas are manufactured in one piece and it is difficult, if not impossible, to access upstairs rooms or room with smaller doors. Because Cedar Wood Hot Tubs are assembled on site, they can be carried anywhere, through any doorway or opening and up stairways for assembly.