OutdoorChef Lugano 570 Evo Gas BBQ

The imposing Lugano 570 Evo beautifully combines all the different cooking options in an extraordinary multifunctional outdoor kitchen. In one device you have all the functional advantages of a gas BBQ; professional steakhouse grill; kettle BBQ; bread oven; pizza oven; slow-cooking roasting oven; flash-grilling; Thai cooking; stir-fry; kamado-style grilling; and heating sauces on the side burner. By simply adjusting the funnel, the Lugano quickly and easily switches from direct heat for searing and caramelising to an indirect-heat circulating air grill system for baking, roasting and cooking.

The result of Swiss innovation, the Lugano 570 Evo is in a class all on its own. Starting with the cleverly designed base frame on four sturdy casters and push handle, it is the height of practicality. Equipped with a soft-closing door with an integrated tool holder; generous easy-sliding drawer with integrated storage space for an extra grid and pizza stone; folding side shelves with cutlery holders; enclosed storage shelves and integrated storage for the gas cylinder; you cannot ask for a more attractive and more functional layout that can almost replace your conventional kitchen.

Beautifully designed with clean lines, the stainless-steel top, enamelled cart, high-quality glass panel with illuminated control knobs it is the epitome of a self-contained modern designer-kitchen. Build-quality synonymous with Swiss engineering is evident in even the smallest detail.

As soon as the gas valve is opened, the LED safety light system is activated and a light sensor automatically adjusts the intensity to match ambient brightness. Powered by four rechargeable batteries, the safety light system also warns you if the gas has been left on. The batteries are charged by a built-in battery charger. The burners are ignited by battery-powered electric spark igniters. A removable wind protector enables you to cook in almost all weather conditions. The enamelled drip trays for the kettle and steakhouse burner are both accessible from the front for easy cleaning. Another thoughtful addition is the cutting tray that doubles up as a protector for the burners when the Lugano is not in use.

At the heart of the Lugano is the ingenious porcelain-enamelled funnel system that ensures perfect heat-distribution, prevents flare-ups, protects the burners and minimises smoke escaping from the grill. The juices dripping down are vaporised to give the food an intense BBQ flavour and to keep steaks juicy and tender. The fat and oils that are not vaporised and re-absorbed by the food, drip into the funnel and are collected in a drip tray, keeping the inside of the BBQ clean. To self-clean the BBQ, simply run it at maximum heat for 10 minutes and brush it out with brass bristles.

The Lugano can do much more than a conventional gas barbeque. The powerful GBT stainless-steel double-ring burner system in the kettle can be set for slow cooking, and adjusted for grilling, cooking, and baking at temperatures up to 360 °C. The stainless-steel steakhouse burner with cast-iron grill produces the perfect steaks, ribs and chops. The cooking hob with Wok base is perfect for fried Mongolian dishes. The dome keeps in the heat for perfect kamado-style and kettle BBQ cooking. A side-burner can be used to make sauces, keep food warm, or for a casserole. Porcelain enamelled grills and an extra cast-iron diamond grill gives you greater diversity than any other BBQ.

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